Saturday, September 26, 2009

Review-ish of Jennifer's body

Gritty synopsis: Hot popular possessed girl (w/ superhuman powers) vs. Nerd best friend (w/ power of repartee)

Guess who wins?

The movie starring my guilty pleasure, Megan Fox, was surprisingly pretty entertaining. Definitely a leave-your-brain-at-the-door movie. But who really goes into a movie, starring Megan Fox, expecting a Schindler's list performance/storyline/anything?

Adam Brody brought his Seth-esque wit, Amanda Seyfried brought the emotion, and Megan Fox brought the Intellect. And by Intellect you know I mean T&A. Entertainingly self-aware, not-so-dark dark comedy. & it may get you jumping, just a little, in your seat.

Straight up: 3.5 Megan fox make-out scenes out of 5

off the album
Through the Trees- Low shoulder
Kiss with A fist - Florance and the Machine
Teenagers- Hayley Williams (paramore)
Finishing School - Dashboard Confessional

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