Thursday, September 24, 2009

The science behind: the club scene

So I was reading up on some paper, by George Rigakos, concerning nightlife in the globally emerging 24hr city. Mr. Rigakos talks about the factors in clubs that drives club-goers to devour each other "as objects of aesthetic consumption".

He holds bad lighting, loud music and alcohol particularly responsible for the club goers reactions.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking, 'NO SHIT'. In which I reply, Fuck off, no need for this caps lock business and profanity. I'm going to expand upon his points anyway, cause everything sounds better coming from me, so deal.

So, where was I. Right - We start off with the terrible lighting , it masks the small imperfections, which aids in everyone looking that much better. A person you may not look twice at, is hidden in the dark and it's up to you to imagine how hot they are. The disorienting loud music allows for minimal vocal communication. So the aesthetically attractive piece that you've deemed fit, isn't tainted by personality or stupid opinion. The alcohol gives you the euphoric feel, causing you to think that you're having fun with whomever. A concoction made in heaven that gives you a blank canvas of a person to project your perfect fuck onto.
just say'n
So the lesson you may derive from this is; it's Probably not a good idea to give them your number. The next day you might not like what you'll see/hear.
Yeah, I guess it's state the obvious day on aSOS.

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Grace said...

So true, yet funny how many people choose to ignore this piece of seemingly obvious information.

Love Grace.

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