Monday, May 11, 2009

Mix Monday: guilty pleasures pt 2

Bringing back the mix Monday because I can. And just like the first mix monday on a side order of style, it's all about the guilty pleasures.

Megan Fox: A lot of people hate on this bitch. Which is totally understandable because her acting is pretty blasé and she just gushes with annoying whenever she opens her masticating sphincter. But I love how she photographs... kind of as simple as that.

Empty Train cars: Hardly happens but when I find myself in one I never let it go to waste. I go all out, singing, pole dancing, hell once I stole an ad just because I could.

Taylor Kitsh: Watched X men origins: Wolverine. A lot of people hate it, especially with the fuck up that is Gambit in that movie. But I mean you don't have to be the amazing kreskin to see this coming. If you've seen the 3 other xmen movies with characters stories being messed up what would make you think they'd stop to make it all right with Gambits character? So when I watched the movie, I totally mellowed out to the hotness that is Taylor kitsh (and topless hugh jackmen) to make the experience just that more bearable.

Filipino Soaps (aka Telanovelas): Currently jobless = lot of time on my hands. So i've been really into these filipino dramas, and I mean this is really bad. I totally would make fun of my mom for watching this since like half of the episode consists of a recap of all the previous episodes and whats going to happen in future ones. Not to mention the really bad fight scenes where the lead characters fist lands no where near the oponents face and yet he's found unconscious in the hospital for a month.

Leighton Meester: I hate when actors think they're singers and vise versa. With Leighton Meester being the exception , loving her in Gossip girl and her music. I'm totally reaching right now and have no clue who else I approve of doing both... except some of my filipino telenovela soap stars.

Birthday - Awesome New Republic Ft. Leighton Meester

Sneaky swearing: Especially in songs, out of no where you get a sneaky f bomb. It gives me the case of the happies singing it outloud.

Find the f bomb in sleepwalking - Faker

Now on to the filler unrelated to the theme of guilty pleasures to fill the mix monday song quota. AWESOME

Lost boy - The subways
Time stops - Teenage fanclub
Know it all - Phantom planet
This heart's on fire - Wolf parade
Hours - TV on radio
Shadow land - Youth group


Anonymous said...

I <3 empty subway trains. Yesss, stealing the ads! I still have the one my friends help me steal off a bus when I was in high school. It's now hanging proudly in my basement lol.

Gracie said...

Taylor Kitsh is easy on the eyes.


Paris said...

Hot hot hot! (The guy, that is!)xx

jae said...

i helped somebody steal a subway map once, but now i wish i`d stolen one too because hers is on her closet door & my closet door looks bored.

May Kasahara said...

megan fox does take a hot photo.

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