Thursday, September 13, 2012

Rating: 3 dirty needles out of 4.

Watched this at TIFF yesterday, really cool that David Cronenberg was there for a Q&A, made the 20 dollar ticket hurt a little less... Thanks TIFF! Seriously, $20 dollars and I still had to watch ads from Bell and Samsung?

I digress, the movie definitely stimulated the senses with a lot of needles and blood, on a great backdrop of Caleb Landry Jones pale skin. I must admit, I thoroughly enjoyed all the ladies squirming beside me while I salivated at all the needle close ups while they were subcutaneously piercing in a bunch of arms/faces. The film was chock full of uncomfortable skin peeling shots that kind of reminded me of black swan (with the nail cutting and blood in contrast to pale skin). It was pretty great. David Cronenberg, you so messed up.

Without divulging too much, the film is about a culture obsessed with celebrity, so much so that people pay to be infected by the same afflictions too be closer to their fave celebs. Caleb Landry Jones' character, Syd March, is an employee of one of the big companies patenting the celebs cooties and giving them to the highest bidder. Syd deals with the crazies that are celeb obsessed and makes some money on the side by infecting himself and selling the infection on the black market. UNTIL SOMETHING GOES VERY WRONG! < End scene > The movie successfully made me disgusted at the worship of celebrities. So much so, that I promise to punch the next lady in line at walmart I see buying a celebrity magazine, so help me God! This has gone too far! Free Britney/Lindsay/Kanye!

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

2011 and I'm still a prick.

I don't drunk text, I'm over that. That-was-so-Bold-9700-ago, I'm on some new world droid shit.

Auto-correct prevents you from sending sober coherent messages, never mind when you're heavily intoxicated. I'm an adult now, I just speak honestly and express how I feel wholeheartedly with the people I'm with...Isn't that fucked up? Who have I become? Sammy from jersey shore (as if you wouldn't immediately associate 'Sammy', with the Jersey shores sweet heart?).

Woke up feeling worse than a hang over, I had to deal with the mess of purged emotion.

I'm going to have to blame Barney for putting so much importance on sharing emotions - should have watched more Sesame street. Maybe if we weren't set like time bombs to word vomit feelings, facebook would be bearable to look at... Maybe we should all become writers, Y'know, paper and pen writers. It's too easy to share emotion. If I want to hear about it, I'll pay for it.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Get right, or get left.

I'm not too sure if I can form a proper sentence anymore, presuming that I could to begin with. It's been a while since I had to write... anything really. It's really taking everything in me from adding an emoticon at the end of every sentence. Because of this, I’m announcing a comeback. And I’m announcing a comeback, because I really don’t know how to start back up again. Points of interest and coming full circle on a topic are a class beyond me right now. Baby steps. Sloppy now but hoping to get better?

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

From the Archives

So I shuffled virtual papers and found this post in the archives. Written in a pretty scummy male tone, the only way I'd write - if only my Dad passed on that y-chromosome. Enjoy!

has anyone told you you're a great kisser?

See what I did there in the former line? Started off with my favorite "ice breaker" if you will. This usually gets you:
a) making out in under 5 minutes
b) stiffed with a number, but that's alright. You'll stiff her the second time around.

I have never gone wrong with this line. Under the right conditions it can do wonders. The right conditions being a place that is brimming with alcohol or any other intoxicating substance. i.e Bars, house parties, weddings.

In these scenarios you have a girl ripe with excuses to do something "bad" so the next day she can gawk to all her friends that "it was so unlike me" or "I was soooo drunk". And I know what you're thinking "Well if these ladies are so drunk/easy then no wonder the line works so well". Well this line is there for when you're tired of using 'Wanna fuck?'. Now hold your fucking thoughts for two seconds while I explain the beauty of this line.

Why it's so endearing, is this:
a) You get them thinking of making out
b) You're posing a question. Making them think you give a shit about what's coming out of her mouth. Therefore letting their guard down from your scummy tactics.
Feel me?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Holy fuck! I practice stoicism and didn't even know it...

So I found myself reading a book review about A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy, by William B. Irvine. Reading the snippets is all I can afford to do, with my self diagnosed A.D.D. But since I hold myself at such a high esteem, I can pretty much say I've soaked up all the book had to offer and can confidently expand on the topic...

So Irvine talks about how stoicism is living the act of living life free of "anger, anxiety, fear, grief, and envy." by exercising the "paradoxical recipe for happiness," that includes the practice of "negative visualization." This is done by vividly imagining worst-case scenarios -- the death of a child, financial catastrophe, ruined health. For example, we imagine ourselves homeless - and instead of striving for an extravagant house, we learn to appreciate the house we currently reside in. Basically, we appreciate people/things more when we see that your time is fleeting with them/it. I find myself doing this all the time! But it goes 50/50, I relish the moments with person/thing but the other half of the time I'm hastily grieving about losing them/it...

I mean this way of thinking is great for movies, I come into them with low expectations that can only go higher, and get my moneys worth that way. But when this is put in terms of relationships, it's almost like 'what's the point in investing into this? It's only going to come to an end'. Or all together, one tends to bypass opportunities because the negative just outweighs your willingness to do anything... OR is that negativity just laziness? Or is it insecurity and fear of hurt masked as laziness? Maybe I should read the book...

-Simply.Steph aka Sensitive Sally

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