Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Brand New can never do me wrong. Currently melting into their newest album, Daisy. Just came in the mail today and I'm FUCKING LOVING IT.

I'll admit, if you were one of those fans that couldn't deal with their departure from their former sound in The devil and God are raging inside me, then you're defintely going to show the same disdain for this album. But in all honesty, I love their reinvention. I mean I still enjoy the older albums, Deja Entendu and Your Favorite Weapon. But I severely admire the honesty and artistry that seeps through The devil and God are raging inside me and Daisy.

I guess to sum it all up (in a poorly descriptive, steph-fashion): Daisy is chock-full of hard vocals, distorted sounds, infectious hooks, and introspective lyrics. It just does it for me. I do wish that it was a bit longer, but I deal.

Straight Up: Go Buy IT

Something to listen to while you order their shit:

(album: Daisy)
At the bottom - Brand New

(album: The devil and God are raging inside me)
You Wont know - Brand New

(Album: Deja Entendu)
Jaws theme Song - Brand New

(Album: Your favorite weapon)
Soco Amaretto lime - Brand New

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Jowy said...

thnx for sharin, freakin love it!

One Love,

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