Friday, October 10, 2008

Theme Tuesday (on this lovely friday) pt. 3: Blair & Serena

So Natasha got Ms. Waldorf as her gossip girl muse. Key to Blair's style:

- keeps it classic.

- include the occasional pop of color

- add a girly detail

Here's a picture of Natasha's take of Blair's style. Keeping it classic: a blue and white blazer, with an orange bag to add a spout of color and heels to give it that necessary girly detail.

- - -
from this season of G.G: Creator - Santogold

As for me, I got Serena. She has this cool boho-chic look, that seems effortless, like she just threw something on and naturally looks fantastic. In that sense, her style is often compared to Kate Moss, especially with her bits of rocker chick edge. And well, it was definitely difficult to replicate.

I honestly don't think I pulled it off. Thoughts?


P.S. Sorry for the cramped photo and uh, not really being able to see my outfit in all it's glory. I bought a new camera, and am still trying to figure out it's features and such - the self-timer I figured out after the theme...

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we wear things said...

i adore the inspiration! both looks turned out great i'd say.. i love your layering for serena though!


Belle said...

I love Gossip Girl. Serena's style is my favourite.

Diana Coronado said...

The headband is soo cute !!

& the socks too !!

Annie said...

oh i like her blazer!

Nat-attack said...

thank you.....:) forever 21 my dear!!!

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