Monday, October 6, 2008


Announcing this week's Theme Tuesday...

At SoS, we pretty much love Gossip Girl. Admittedly, it isn't that great a show story-wise (you have to agree, they're all kind of the same, taking after the original Beverly Hills 90210 I've heard), but fashion-wise, Gossip Girl is fantastic. It's a total trend-setter, and I personally tune in as often as I can just to watch the clothes. I really think it's the best-dressed show on TV right now. I recently found out too that the Gossip Girl stylist is the same one who did Sex and the City, so no wonder everyone looks so amazing.

Check out The CW's Gossip Girl Style Guide for inspiration too :)

So this week, dress up all put-together with bows like Blair, with colourful tights like Jenny, or in a cool boho-chic mix like Serena...just choose the character of your choice - they all have a great style about them. And, if you happen to be dressed up like Serena and find a Dan look-a-like, definitely let me know!


P.S. Why not have some Gossip Girl music to listen to, for the sake of the theme?

Aqualung - Something to Believe In
Albert Hammond Jr. - Hard to Live in This City

and, if you watch the show, you might recognize this:
Gossip Girl Glamorous Cover.mp3


Trendy Gourmandise said...

love gossip girl !

Madame HELL said...

Thanks for the comment ... it does feel good, damn good lol, I'm thinking what you said might be right. Maybe there's more people like me than I imagined ... or would care to imagine hehe ;)

Couture Carrie said...

Love this theme, the show, and the preppy looks!

Kira Fashion said...

I love Gossip Girl too!

a kiss!!

Jillian said...

i can not wait until next weeks episode!!! yay!

myriam said...

I loove Blair's outfit when she sits there with Serena.

Diana Coronado said...

Wowww !!

The green dress is veryyy cool !!

Anonymous said...

hey i love gossip girl :)
eny one know when the series 2 is out in the uk?

simply.steph said...

you can watch season 2 on
I watch pretty much all my tv online... no commercials =)

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