Wednesday, October 8, 2008

i present to you ... well ... here, look for yourselves :

my camera, unfortunately, has gone AWOL again.
& my cell phone, which houses my current outfit photos due to the disappearance of the regular camera, refuses to connect to my laptop, leaving me stranded photo-less.

i would restart the laptop in an attempt to make it work, but it`s 11:30pm (my bedtime) & i have a bio midterm tomorrow that i haven`t even begun to study for (literally!) so ...
i leave you with a hand-drawn preview of my outfit :)

photos to come! <3

love you with a million girly loves,


Diana Coronado said...

Hehehe cute draws !!

Good night !!

ryder said...

first time i see something like this :D that is why is so creative.

your style choice is very... what to say now... colorfull.

great imagination!

urbanita said...

You are a professional painter! Kisses.

stellawantstodie said...

Hey!!!thanks for your visit!

I like the polka-dot skirt!


issa said...

haha how kute! love the colors! hope you find your camera soon!



I love it! haha. Thanks for the sweet comment;)


Juliet said...

Cute :D!

juliet xxx

jae said...

diana - thanks hun. it takes a lot of patience to draw using the touchpad on the laptop.

ryder - i love colours :) thanks!

urbanita - i wish i was! haha thanks so much for making me feel like one though :)

stellawantstodie - the polkadots are a lot better in real life, but thank you :)

issa - i hope i find it too! i`m mourning the missing-ness of my baby!

culture creators - thank you :)

juliet - thanks :D

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