Friday, October 10, 2008

.sdrawkcab gnipyt si draobyek ym ,hguone ylmodnar

.draobyek ym htiw gnorw si tahw tuo erugif ,em fo efil eht rof ,tonnac i
.diputs gnitca spots draobyek ym ecno kcab eb lliw
.sotohp eht yojne ,emitnaem eht ni
.ees nac seilevol uoy os krow ot LMTH eht teg ot sniap ynam gnikat

never mind. it`s working fine now. seriously, that was weird.

they were taken with my motorola q cellphone camera, so they`re all 2-megapixelly, but they are, in all their glory.

i got to "be" jenny (okay, not be...but you know what i mean) for theme tuesday.

of course, what does that entail?

-colour clash love
-bright tights
-a sort of 'high street meets high fashion' type of look

we all know jenny isn`t rich like the rest of the UESers, but she tries her best to always look like she belongs (we know she does). she makes a lot of her clothes, & i wish i could have hand-crafted what i was wearing, sadly not.

[serena van der woodsen, blair waldorf & jenny humphrey. only pay attention to jenny in this photo. this was the best i could find to showcase what i was kinda thinking.]

i look kinda dead, but that`s because it was pretty late at night. i realize now that i matched the bed. i didn`t know that.

oh, don`t i look cool with my cellphone? :b that was sarcasm, by the way. i love my cellphone though!

pink legs! :D

a close up on all the little bits, so you can see it all.

[white hat, h&m; purple trapeze jacket, stitches outlet; turquoise cardigan, pacific mall; dark green tanktop, suzy shier; black, white & grey polkadot-print bubble skirt, value village (BNWT from costa blanca!); fuschia tights, ardenes; black & grey flats, ardenes; black NYC strand tote (not pictured), the new york city strand; black patent leather maryjanes heels (not pictured), payless shoe source.]

on a random side note: i actually did not wear those flats. i wore my black patent heels. they were hawt.

oh, i watched nick & norah -
for those of you who are planning to watch it, WATCH IT NOW.
it`s a really good movie.
i must say that if only michael cera had played the left-handed guitar...i woulda melted & drooled all over.
because he didn`t, i stayed pretty intact. but still.

enjoy your weekend, loveries<3

G.G theme pt 1, G.G theme pt 2, G.G theme pt 3.


cfraisrudy said...

Your purple tights are very nice and so is your style (mini skirt, grey shoes). Thanks for your nice messages on my blog !

jae said...

cfraisrudy - thanks :)

Diana Coronado said...

Ballerinas !!

jae said...

diana - really? is that what it invokes? now that i look at it, it kinda does look like that. hm...not exactly what i was going for, but nonetheless, it works.

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