Monday, October 20, 2008

Mix monday: Country style

Yeah, this is a coming out post. I have recently admitted to myself that I like country. or at least the country music from true blood.
This is pretty big, I mean I was scared, but I've come to terms with the genre. Before you run off to find something to throw at your screen, check these songs out, all music featured on true blood.

And if those songs just aren't your cup of tea. Perhaps you can appreciate them better after watching it in context in HBOs new series TRUE BLOOD. (can you tell that I'm totally obsessed?) I have successfully lured Nat-attack into this addiction. But I swear the show sells itself. Yes this is pretty much deja vu to my guilty pleasure post, radical ranting concerning my outré facination with vamps, what can I say? But check it out for yourself, get linked to a full episode from sidereel or check the trailer on youtube.

The vampire-loving-country-music-freak,

P.S The last episode was crap. yeah so bad it kind of makes me want to renounce this post.... still like the music though...

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♥ fashion chalet said...

Yes, the Dandy Warhols. :) I love them!! Thanks for your comment, sweetie.

xo/ fashion chalet

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