Monday, March 17, 2008

Mix Monday (guilty pleasures)

So this is SOS’s first official mix Monday, the plan is every Monday I put a little input on a general theme and have some songs that coincide. Todays theme is guilty pleasure aka a little peak at some things I personally take pleasure in.

Nerds: OK so I’m not exactly the first or the only one to say I LOVE NERDS. But its ridiculous how much I enjoy hanging around them, factoids, computer jargon all too engrossing! Not to mention the new wave of Geek Chic, LOVE LOVE LOVE!

plastic jewelery: I have an arsenal of plastic jewelery hidden away in my bedroom, not from the world but from my 7 year old sister. Its something I don't want to share in fear of her losing them. Yeah my current plastic piece of choice is this dollar sign ring I won at chuck E. cheese for 150 points.

Ice cream for breakfast: It's scientifically proven to taste best in the morning...

jonas brothers: Yes, Its true. I do take pleasure in the whiny little bastards. They dress well and they're just too catchy to say no to. Hey I know they're like 12 but they dress well and they're songs are just oh too poptastic to refuse.

jumping on the bed: Ok the whole 'mokeys jumping on the bed' and hitting heads are for the irresponsible jumpers. I've been jumping responsibly since 1991.

vampire lit: Well in particular the Stephenie Meyers Twilight series. Yeah whenever people ask what twilights about I try to leave out the whole vampire/werewolf scenario... I mean I actually don't mind to mention the vampire thing, but having vampires in the romance genre instead of sci-fi, well its just awkward.

some songs you may be contritely partial to:

So much love
by the summer rocket: Yes some may classify this as whiny but it just takes me back to elementary school summers and so I sneak a listen and dance in my chair during class... sometimes during lecture.

That's just the way we roll by the Jonas Brothers: I guess the same can be said about the Jonas brothers as for the summer rocket, its a mix of nostalgic listening and melodic poppyness that can't be dismissed.

Saturday Salmon by team9 vs Chemical brothers vs Chicago: This Is a hilarious song, It's like a rap for idiots, those who come across this song on my computer think that I still have it as a joke. But i seriously enjoy it. I have no defense for my odd listening but yeah, you give it a try.

Young Turks Vs. Franchize boys
by Ham burgaz: Truly guilty listening. Ham burgaz remixes are odd, but I'm just too inclined to their rap/techno. I even like the fact they incorporated Rod Stewart in the song, How random is that?

Je ne te connais pas by Prototypes: Not really a guilty pleasure song as it is just pleasurable and upbeat...

Flux (JFK remix) by Bloc Party: Something I like to listen to while I accountably jump on beds.

Who is She
by I Monster: Haunting, so it won a place in my vampire reading playlist. Not really embarrassing that I listen to the song as much as me having a vampire reading playlist set up... other songs on my Vampire playlist:
So that's the Monday's mix, hope you fancied it.
& Happy St. Patrick's day!
(completely off topic) below I took a couple pictures of my Sunday's best.
Steph, SOS


marianna rougerio* said...

Thank u for the visit Steph!
I enjoy ur SOS's lol, im happy u like my depressive play list lol
Cool blog!!


Jillian said...

ah! that last picture is scary lol
very neat blog though!

Mallory said...

Lol I love the blog Steph. Twilight totally rocks my socks fo sheezy. Geek Chic is totally in, although I could never pull it off. Personally my guilty pleasure is Buffy the Vampire Slayer... me loves her to the day I die.

dreamecho said...

thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! love your haircut!

atique said...

hi...thank you for the visit.... and THANK YOU for the link.. :D
anyway... its a great post.. i like the pic of girl and blood...lil spooky but cool

Annie said...

ahhh i love the rocket summer, i saw them last summer. bryce has this totally nice guy vibe about him.
also i think i may actually prefer the original flux. surprisingly since i usually like remixes.

a side order of style said...

Marianna - Well i do have a soft spot for feist and bat for lashes so I def loved your depressive play list....

Jillian - thank you =) ahaha aiming for the theme... visuals are the best.

Mallory - oh how I wish i could do geek chic as well. i look more geek then chic...

dreamecho - I love how you style your hair! its so versatile.

atique - thank you =)

Annie - Aww im so jealous, you get to see justice, the summer rocket. pfft. & I pretty much love MSTRKRFT remixes over anything. Its just that much more dancable...

LolLuv said...

What a great looking blog this is! I'm a fan of your guilty pleasures, Jonas and Twilight especially...although I'd have to say I don't do ice cream for breakfast! I'm a regular oatmealer, thank you very much.

But I do jump on beds!

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