Monday, October 20, 2008

Plastic Skyline

You know those people that are amazingly talented/awesome/artistic that you can't help but envy? Well, it just so happens I know one and had recently found out about her latest amazing project. Believe me, it totally blows my mind that someone can be this creative and actually do something about it at just seventeen. Yes, I've heard of the fifteen-year-old fashion design success Kira Plastinina, but how often do you actually personally know of such talents?

PLASTIC SKYLINE is a fantastic Toronto-based online store dedicated to vintage wear. They also sell hand-sewn skirts, one of which I've purchased myself. Not only that, the prices are quite inexpensive (I don't think I saw anything for $30+) and the shipping is reasonable - and that's saying a lot when you consider my barely-can-afford-food-student-budget. (Although, I always seem to be making an exception for great clothing - damn you Visa bill!) Great vintage clothing paired with two smart girls who just happen to be terribly cute? How can you go wrong!

Here's just a few of my favourite pieces being sold right now:

Upon showing a couple friends, a common critique was, "Not everyone's a size 2-4!" Okay, so I'm tiny, but I'm not model-thin and tall. I'm just little. And it's harder than most people think for tiny girls to find clothes! Dresses and jeans are usually too long. So, for me, Plastic Skyline is a pretty darn good match.

So snatch stuff up quick before they sell :)

Happy shopping!


Linnéa said...

cute pictures darling!

Annie said...

ooh they have cute things.
but since u kno them...why are their pics so darn small? i need to see things more closely lol.

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