Monday, October 20, 2008

hats, hoodies & headgear. a post for the plenty.

what is this?
jae is posting?
are you serious???

well, yes, i`m serious. i haven`t posted in a while (life caught up & i decided to take advantage of the fact that there are more people on our blogging team), but here it is : proof jae is not dead.

somehow, i seemed to have missed the part where summer stopped & autumn began.
not that i`m complaining. i do love me some autumn.
aside from it being the season of my birthday, it`s also the best season to dress for!

as soon as i could, i began to lust for headgear.
hats, hoodies, scarves, etc...
i mean, who doesn`t like headgear? my hair is in that transitional stage of not-too-short, not-too-long, not-cooperating-but-getting-along so headgear is a blessing on those days when only my bangs are listening.

[note to self: MUST GET HAIR CUT.]

[cream & gold oversized beret: h&m] i love this hat. it was under ten dollars, super cute & goes with my clothes perfectly. plus it`s lightweight so it doesn`t get hot wearing it, but it keeps me warm.

[black tommy hilfiger toque: stolen from brother] this hat used to be my brother`s, but he refuses to wear it so i took it. it`s warm & would be good in winter.

[purple hoodie: stitches] i love hoodies. love them love them love them. & i love to pose too. such a good combo.]

[scarf: h&m] steph bought me this for my birthday last year, & i still love it off. i`ve never worn a scarf like that before, but i think it looks pretty good.

[scarf: ardene] this picture is actually from summertime, but i thought i`d include it because it`s interesting. i never wear headbands like that, so i thought it would be kinda cool to dress like a hippy. feels so seventies.

my cousin & the friend who fashioned a hat out of a plastic bag for him. isn`t it cool? & it could actually be pretty functional.

regine, with her taekwondo belt wrapped around her head. yes, it counts as headgear (although not really practical for everyday use). she did a dance wearing it & it didn`t fall off. it was cute & hilariously funny to watch.

my best friend, neil, with his hood on (pleading "bad hair day"). see, hoods`r`us. & also, does he not have the straightest teeth ever? he makes me wish i`d gotten braces when i was little.

cute little itty bitty baby. isn`t she adorable? she`s the daughter of a family friend, & this dress was absolutely cute. [note: i put her hood on her head for her, expressly for this photo...she got annoyed immediately & pulled it off. but still, cute nonetheless!]

verdict? headgear = awesome.

theme tuesday
this week`s theme is HARAJUKU LOVERS, based off the popular gwen stefani fragrances.
each of the SOS team has chosen a different fragrance to represent, so stay tuned for pics of that! :) & feel free to join & send us a link or a photo of you in your harajuku lovers outfit!

oh & before i forget : this is an exclusive offer for canadian residents (i know, i apologize to all of you who live outside of canada! i didn`t make up the rules...), but i believe it ends on the thirty-first so i would hurry & sign up soon.

alright everyone, i`m off!

i`ll present you with random facts...sometime tomorrow maybe.


ps: sorry that all the photos are really crappy quality - i still can`t find my petey (my camera) & so i`m stuck using baeley (my cellphone) for photos. well, anything`s better than nothing, right?


issa said...

kute post!! i adore items with hoods!

saray said...

Love the hats!

Ediot said...

i dig your third hoodie.
and thanks a lot for your comments

Susanna-Cole said...

Love all your head pieces! ;) Always loved hats, and interesting headbands, headpieces and etc... :)


jae said...

issa - thanks! i love hoods :)

saray - thanks; good thing hats are everywhere now, so they`re easy to find!

ediot - thanks...apparently, it`s a very common hoodie, but still i love it!

susanna-cole - thanks! i love hats/headgear soo much too.

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