Thursday, April 22, 2010

So the war's over?

As pathetic as this war has been, I'm glad to post that it's over, and we won. Fuck this trite "no one wins in war"-bullshit. A Side order of Style won, NOW SWALLOW.

CMOG surrendered at They did so unofficially through a post about their cat fetishes. As a tactical analyst, I can say they used that post as a suicide ploy to kill all remaining readers by way of deep coma and subsequently sleep apnea. Our research concludes that the post was equivalent to overdosing on about 5o over the counter sleeping pills.

On a more interesting note, I miss your mom jokes. I guess they stopped after enough people responded with "she's dead". They fucking ruined it for everyone... I remember the first time someone responded in that manner to me. It was in Grade 3 during recess, and I rebutted with: "well that doesn't mean it isn't true". That ass cunt of a child ran crying to the closest teacher and told on me. I wasn't there when he told on me (because I was running in the opposite direction) but I bet the teacher chuckled a bit - before having to chase me down. The lesson I learned that day: Deny everything, and milk being cute/ a girl for all its worth.


Grace said...

Agreed about the milking.

Love Grace.

Rusi said...

I'm sorry but you girls are pure evil. Using cuteness to hurt a young boy is wrong.

Find the truth here:

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