Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I was like, good gracious..

I realize that I am quite late in the game, but I just found this and had to share with someone. And after not finding anyone online to enjoy this with, I rushed on to the blog!

Usually, I'm not one to post randoms, but this, I believe is worth it. I love a good cover song, when an artist puts their own unique spin on it. And, it's even better when it's a cover of an (obnoxious) overplayed radio song.

Here is my offering:
Jenny Owen Youngs - Hot in Herre

Jenny Owen Youngs? I recently listened to her album, but not really yet. As in, I've still yet to really filter through it. I decided to give it a try after hearing that it was similar to both Jenny Lewis and Maria Taylor. From what I've heard, it's not too shabby, but I haven't yet been compelled to really give it a listen yet. We'll see how that goes.

What are your favourite cover songs?

1 comment:

Gracie said...

This is fantastic!

I love what Alanis did to Fergie's My Humps.


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