Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Shakn' it up a bit

Win yourself some street cred, your parents love/approval and immunity from being cast off the face of the planet by coming up with the most original poem for the red cliche holiday coming up.

some musical inspiration:

Cold bitch - Jet
Super massive black hole - Muse
love is colder than death - The Virgins
this scene is dead - We are Scientist

Well get to it folks

the always cynical,


RJ said...

roses are red violets should be violet bit instead they are blue now if you bring up valentines day i will severely disable you

Anonymous said...

Happy valentines my hand, happy valentines my hand...my beloved right....

Anonymous said...

Steph! when did u start dressing like Ronald McD?

Anonymous said...

roses are red violets are blue... what's the point i'm not with you

Giselle said...

thats hot!

May Kasahara said...

I am LOL. ♥

ess elsie. said...

i gotta say... i wanna find a mcdonald's with that statue so i can do that.

hellooo new profile picture.

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