Saturday, February 7, 2009

Drool with me now...

Mix Monday came early this week, this one is for the boys*...
*(dibs on james, ed & ryan for life)

Let's make out
- Does this offend you, Yeah?
It's all in the title... an invitation to all the boys pictured above. Unhealthy obsession? I think not, I think it would be inapt to not admire such sexyness

The boys - Dragonette
"I like them white boys, I like them black boys, I like them asian boys, I like them mixed raced boys" I dont discriminate, I'm good like that.

Sharp dressed man - Dragonette
Everyone loves a sharp dressed man, period.

you're so damn hot - OkGo
once again, a title that falls short of what james, ryan and ed are.

Call on me - Eric Prydz
They can call on me ANYTIME. Not like you didn't get that from the last 4 songs and their descriptions...

Ok well on with your weekend! Just bored and felt like sharing,


1 comment:

Daughter said...

arrg!! I know. When I was watching The Last King of Scotland I was like, "Hey, that skinny British kid is pretty sexy." Then I saw him beefed up for Atonement... and I also began to drool.

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