Friday, February 20, 2009

and who said beauty was in the inside?

yes yes can say whatever you wish to argue with me, but i mean these fellows, or more appropriately ladies, have become such celebrities, i wish i could say that their singing career or tv show has brought them the fame....NOPE its their ability to transform themselves into FAB stars, and that ladies and gentlemen, IS what sets them apart from your collagen filled size zero aliens, wait till they turn 50, then you shall know why they are aliens and not models...

Jeffree Star
(*sigh, how do you get those legs) - one year i tried to accomplish to extend my legs by riding my bike everyday for 60 days during the summer, and i grew 2 cm, yes FREAKIN 2. ha keep in mind i was 13 back then! Now i am mature and wise enough to not have such ridik hopes

RuPaul Andre Charles

"His name is RuPaul Andre Charles and he's gonna be a star! Cause ain't another mother f**ker alive with a name like that!" said by his mama, and i bet she is sure as hell proud right now. Recently i have spotted him on muchmore music hosting this show, and boy its like America's Next top model and Drag had intense sex and gave birth to RuPaul's Drag Race. These men are so gorgeous, well when they dress up and even when they aren't. I had a two second thought of me trying to transform myself into a man and it was quite sad.
This brings me to the conclusion: THIS IS A SKILL, no one can just pull of this sexynessss


ess elsie. said...

RuPaul is an idol to me. I saw one episode of RuPaul's drag race and I was jealous of how effortless he was.

ess elsie. said...

ok following up on the RuPaul thing... I had a dream I met him last night! Pretty much up there with the time I hung out with Alex Wang in my dreams. Whoo, yeah for celebrity dreams.

(ok, end of useless rant)

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