Sunday, November 16, 2008

vamps & such.

We all know it's coming, and it's coming soon. That big multi-million dollar movie phenomenon about vampires that caused the Harry Potter movie to be moved back like crazy?

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Twilight. I guess before I get into anything, I should add a disclaimer: I'm not a vampire lover, nor am I a Twilight fan. However, I do know that the movie is coming out and that it's creating quite a buzz. And, I have read the first book, but only after pressure from Steph, my sister and my co-workers among others to read it. It was...okay. Yes, the storyline is pretty compelling and the concept one of intrigue, but I just don't think it's written well enough to be considered 'the next Harry Potter' or anything similar. Apologies to the fans, I mean nothing personal!

If you have been living under a rock and know nothing about Twilight, here's the general premise: girl meets boy, girl and boy fall in love. But wait! Boy happens to be a vampire, and it gets a little complicated.

Now, since I'm not a big Twilight follower, I'm not terribly excited for the movie, and truth be told, the trailer didn't really look too promising to me. Nor did the leads look all too attractive. Kristen Stewart? Kinda average. Robert Pattinson? I remember him looking better in Harry Potter...

But then, I found the Vanity Fair photoshoot. And OMG they are gorgeous.

I love how Kristen is rocking Chucks with that amazing dress. She's totally stealing the spotlight.

I feel like Vanity Fair is working magic. This is one hot cast.

And, because we like music at SOS, here are a couple tracks that according to my sister, sum up Twilight:

The Spill Canvas
- This is For Keeps
Joshua Radin & Schuyler Fisk - Paperweight


P.S. Hahaha can you tell I'm a Harry Potter fan?


jae said...

i never thought about it til now, but yeah..paperweight can kinda be applied to twilight.
i`m not super-excited to see the movie either, but...i did enjoy the books!
i just kinda expected the actors playing the vampires to be ethereally beautiful. sigh. too bad fiction is always better than real life.

Juliet said...

The book has been on my reading list for ages, and i know I probably will like it -as i do like vampires.But cause som od reason I haven't got it from myself to actually read it.

juliet xxx

Sunniva said...

Lovely Vanity Fair photos. They all look so beautiful!


Daughter said...

It's like you read my mind because as I was reading that first paragraph, I was thinking, "I must be living under a rock because I have no idea what she's talking about."

CaraMia ♥Hippie Couture♥ said...

i'm actually not a huge vampire fan either....although, i did enjoy the lost boys....but i'm probably going to see this flick too.

thanks for your comments!

Lavender said...

great spread. Almost makes me want to see the film.

Ess Elsie. said...

I'm totally with you. The Twilight books were good, but SO not on par with HP. I just couldn't get through the sequels of Twilight because it sounded like terrible fanfiction!

But I do confess I had a Twilight phase, but I quickly grew out of it. My friends however... not so much.

AND YES THEY LOOK GORGEOUS HERE. Seriously, in every other shoot they look too pale or too photoshopped or just plain old awkward, but here they look breathtaking.

hrose said...

hmmm not a fan of twilight myself... but then... ZOMG! i have never seen this shoot before, but it is making me want to see the movie. i mean, you are so right, both the leads are very, well, meh, for people who are supposed to be the most beautiful boy/girl EVER...

but then i saw this shoot. kristen looks STUNNING! robert looks SO EFFING DOABLE and the whole cast is just radiating this sex appeal... That first shot of kristen and robert is hot, although he is more tanned than she is... but the eyes! the eyes!!!

vanity fair has indeed worked their magic again. this movie is unmissable now, if only for the abs on that guy... is it jacob? lord i hope so.

great post, and thanks for your comment on my formal post, really put a smile on my face.


Sarah Edwina Rose said...

I somehow missed all the hype and picked up the book whilst waiting for a friend in Borders. Its not very well written at all but the fantasy element saves it.

The cast are seriously beautiful and I think this may be one example where the film surpasses the book


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