Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pa Pa Pa Pokkkeeerrr Face.

I personally always thought the intensity of the game of poker has been kind of hot. With well dressed rich people betting millions of dollars.......okay well anyone can play poker and can bet anything. i am just getting carried away with Casino Royal.....that movie truly got my heart warm and fuzzy.

See this.......
BAM WHAM and then you get this
And did you know that according to some independent studies, winning a poker game increases the sex drive....."scientists have mentionned that chemicals are released due to the rush of adrenalin from bluffing, risking it all on your last hand or when you win big MONEY"
"Some people have gone so far to encourage their partners to play poker so they can take advantage of this chemical rush"..(they must really trust them to win).....and haha obviously when you lose it has "DETRIMENTAL" effect on your sex life...(p.s. moral of this story- do not lose or don't play if you know you will lose).......obviously i am not serious...i think everyone should play poker and see if this information about chemical rush is true...i am planning to give it a try, since i am not shitting money, i will start off by betting with cherrios..(edible and healthy)
anyway i was very amused by this and i was inspire to share some bluffing techniques for those who are planning to play and have sexy time after.

1) always have few players, it easier because of small competition and you can have your two googly eyes on everyonr

2) Try to look at your set of cards with the most emotion-LESS face ever.

3) try to be smooth and bet or raise someone else's bet

4) Once you have made a bet, try to flip the card over and show em who's the boss, sometimes flipping it over and smiling slightly scares the SHIT out of them!!

5) always have a story ready with your bet....

6) most importantly which i kind of wanted to add...LOOK HOT...

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