Monday, November 17, 2008

Mix Monday: Sexy results

Scientifically proven that anything dealing with Ryan Gosling will end sexily. Hence the theme Sexy results.

Party of special things to do - The white stripes
A terribly endearing song. Jack White has the ability to bring "special" feelings that make me want to do "special" things to him. If you know what I mean... No? just me? ok well lets move on then.

Why dont we do it in the road - Dans Fuchs
Off the Across the Universe soundtrack, Dans Fuchs explicitly asks "why dont we do it in the road?" . One reason for certain would be "I don't want to get run over by a car". Still sexy I guess, in theory.

Sexy Results - Death from above 1979
Explanation is in the title. DFA just delivers.

Love cats (the cure cover) - Tricky
Hypnotic, spellbinding, moody number. Spicy. Like last nights curry.


Ess Elsie. said...

I love the entire soundtrack of Across the Universe. They were such amazing covers of the Beatles!

and holy crap, yes to dfa. so good.

And yes omfgosh, give me Ryan Gosling for Christmas. Though I would totally give him up if he and Rachel McAdams got married. Their on again, off again relationship is killing me!

hrose said...

oh yeah, very sexy songs. although i prefer love cats by the cure, but tricky is still good. and oh yes, the white stripes.. mmmmmmm

ryan gosling is sexy. mmmmmmmmmmmm indeed.

Ariella said...

Oh, I love that song by the white stripes. it's amazing.

I just wore my blazer underneath my winter coat, and would just then wear it inside when having taken off the coat. I think that's a way to do it when it's cold.

yiqin; said...

Is he the one that acted in the notebook?! Ah so dman hot.

Daughter said...

I would ordinarily agree that RG always yields sexy results, but I feel like he looks really tired in that photo. Or stoned.

Penny said...

i totally know what you mean. jack white's package is huge!

issa said...

hawt! yes.

Wendy-May said...

indeed he is very hot, but I can't watch the notebook cos it upsets me too much x

Nina (femme rationale) said...

omg ryan gosling...*droooooool*

i loved across the universe. and anything jack white does is gold. i even liked the song he did for the new bond movie w/alicia keyes.

stephanie said...

i loved the across the universe soundtrack...death from above 1979 is pretty good too

Cakemaster said...

I didn't like Across the Universe, but I loved the soundtrack. Glad you liked the cover, it def could've been better though. I'm trying to improve xP

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