Saturday, November 15, 2008

Failsafe night

Forewarning: this post is just built to fail since all words are unfit in describing the indescribable events that went down last night. The words awesome, epic, stupendous, sublime, fall terribly short in explaining the time between 7-12AM on November 13, 2008. Lives were saved, asses were shook and only good times were to be had. Usually I'd erupt in a rant describing how bad my grammar is by now but honestly NOTHING makes sense anymore other than Andrew McMahon's voice.

So instead of further killing last nights experience with words I'll bestow upon you photographic proof of Andrew's awesomeness.

Megs' outfit/reactions (before, right after concert, 20 minutes after)

Notice the glow left on megs face right after the concert, notice it still being there 20 minutes after. She never stopped smiling in the 20 minutes in between the latter two pictures being taken. HECK she's still smiling as you read this, for she was touched by divinity in the form of a Jack's Mannequin concert.

Me (before the concert)

So in the picture on the left you see me, possessed with inner demons, unloved, etc. Ever since I was a child doctors guessed my face would be stuck like this forever, even house couldn't help me. Little did they know the wonders of Andrew McMahon's voice and lyrics...

Proof is in the picture.
Walking away content with the world.
Just another believer.

So I'll end the post with two of my favorite songs of the night


fuzkittie said...

Hehe! Looks like fun~

allaboutvintage said...

i sold VINTAGE earrings, they have been purchased in local markets of PARIS,BARCELONA, MADRID..and ITALY each piece that i bought has a small story. so delightful for fans of vintage and unique pieces
your blog is nice!!

jae said... if only jae had been there...the SOS team woulda been complete... sigh.

Jill said...

Random coincedence: 4 of my friends made it down to that same concert and they got some amazing video. I really wish I could have gone, they are amazing live!

syd vicious said...

Oh fun!

Fashdance said...


I love Jack's Mannequin!

i.d. said...

Oh it looks like you guys had so much fun!!

wephy said...

OH MY GOD. I loveeee jack's mannequin- saw them in concert twice- died and lived again twice. jealoussss

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