Monday, October 20, 2008

Reignited love...

So I had totally forgot about The section Quartet until last weeks episode of GG, where they played The Section Quartet's cover of running out of time, my love was reignited. This shall be my good deed of the day, sharing with all you a couple of my favorite covers done by them.

Time is Running out - The Section Quartet
Time is Running out -Muse

Juicebox - The Section Quartet
Juicebox - The Strokes

Phenomena - The section Quartet
Phenomena - Yeah yeah yeahs

Gushing all over,


Juliet said...

Thank you for commenting me! That picture is lovely and strange, I love black and white.

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

i know this is a lame correction and I am not trying to be all pretentious but its "time is running out" by muse. And that was a great episode by the way.

Elisabeth said...

Never heard of these, but am now off to check 'em out!

simply.steph said...

hey anonymous awesome person, just checking if ya'll are on your feet! ok not really, just had an asstard moment. corrections have been made and I'm eternally grateful to you awesome stranger.

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