Friday, October 3, 2008

meet megs :)

bonjour, people.
guess what?
SOS is adding a NEW person to the blog.
yes, we are expanding to FOUR bloggers :)

meet maegan : srsly, meet her. i asked her the IMPORTANT questions that EVERYONE needs to have the answers to. & here they are :)

JAE:describe your style
My style, as cliche as it sounds, really depends on my mood and whether I'm feeling creative enough to care. As of late, I've been digging through my closet and finding clothes that I haven't worn, or at least haven't worn in awhile and finding a way to incorporate them into outfits in a different way. (Ugh, I sound all self-important, even to myself.) But yeah, I range from preppy Gossip Girl-y, to sorta American Apparel/Urban Outiftters hipster, to minimalist. I'm not the type of girl who can throw on jeans and a hoodie and call it an outfit. Actually, most people know me as the girl who never wears pants. I dress up more than I should most days, but I'm more comfortable in a dress anyhow. I'm kinda loving the fall weather too, since I can play around with layers and boots and tights now. Oh, and I work at Ardene, so I tend to pick up cheap, random accessories like scarves and tights and shoes and necklaces.

JAE:What makes you want to blog?
Okay, well, when Steph first told me about SoS, I was definitely intrigued. I was invited to join then, but I thought, why not make my own blog instead? I also felt like I was kind of intruding on an already established good idea. Years ago, I used to make little teeny websites too, which I always thought would evolve into blogs, but never did. (Oh and I'm still a LiveJournal frequenter...) However, the making my own blog thing didn't work out. The main reason? I couldn't think up a name hahaha...and then I got lazy and caught up in working a part-time job at full-time hours. So, now, I'm ready to try this blogging thing out again.

JAE:if music was date-able, what kind of music would you date? (we had quite the animated conversation about this on gtalk)
MAEGAN: err...i don't know what music i would date. what music would you date?
JAE:i would definitely date something jason mraz-y. or rock. i`d definitely date me some good folk-rock. ahaha maybe even jazz. i think i`d like jazz.
MAEGAN: i was thinking jazz too, but i can't think of a nice articulate reason
JAE:jazz is a smooth operator haha
MAEGAN:ahahaha i would date john mayer's guitar solos
JAE:i would too! DEFINITELY date them. i`d definitely sleep with them after the first date! ahaha
MAEGAN: hahahaha how could anyone resist?
JAE:exactlyy...there is no resisting
MAEGAN: if music were date-able, I'd definitely date John Mayer's guitar solos - just 'cause they get me everytime. (FINAL ANSWER.)

JAE: next question - if you had to be stuck in either polka dots or plaid for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?
I think I'd choose plaid, mostly because I feel like polka dots shout "TREND!" while plaid can be done in such a way that they can be understated, and still sorta classic. And I guess I've never really dressed in polka dots, come to think of it...

JAE:last question - you can live in any city in the whole world. what city, and why would you choose it? would it affect your style, music, etc ??
Japan. Hands down. I've always, always wanted to go to Japan. So I suppose Tokyo would be my answer. And yes, this is definitely before Gwen Stefani and her Harajuku girls. I've just always loved the culture, not even just the Tokyo side of things, but the traditional aspects too. When I was about eight or nine, I went through a Japan phase where I loved Hello Kitty and read books where the main character travelled to Japan...and I guess I never completely grew out of it. I haven't really ever thought of how Japan would affect my style, but I hear the shopping's pretty awesome, and from what I've seen on blogs, the Japanese fashion-sense isn't bad either. Music-wise, I've never heard any Japanese music, so I can't really say.

so there you have it - that`s maegan! stay tuned for her posts :) we`re excited to have her on our team, soo please give her a warm warm SUPER DELICIOUSLY HOT LIKE FIYAH welcome!!!

love, kisses, & a cookie,


Annie said...

hello. i look forward to reading your posts maegan.

Songy said...

great interview!

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.


Diana Coronado said...

Nice int.

Hugs !!

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