Saturday, October 4, 2008

hello, hello! :)

Hi all, I'm Maegan, and as you can see from Jae's interview, I'm new to the blog. As I checked the blog today, I realized my introduction was missing any Steph insisted I do an outfit post - exciting, right?

Dress - American Apparel Bandeau Pencil Dress, Retail $41
T-Shirt - Ardene, 2/$10
Scarf - Ardene, $14.99 BOGO
Hat - H&M Kids, $6.90
Sweater - H&M, $19.90
Tights - Urban Planet - $4.99?

This is pretty much my outfit for Nuit Blanche/Nick & Norah night planned in advance, with my lovely sick-for-days face, when I rarely ever get sick. Oh, and I'll be wearing my fantastic imitation suede ankle boots, also from Ardene ($30, BOGO)

And If you haven't noticed, I'm holding the samples for Gwen Stefani's latest fragrance line - Harajuku Lovers. "G" smells awesome, seriously, pass by your nearest Shoppers Drug Mart and take a whiff. Since I'm sick, I haven't had the chance to fully smell all the other fragrances yet, but I can't waaaait hahah...

Til next time!

With love, angels, and music, baby
- Megs


Annie said...

oo u sweater looks so cozy especially good for since ur sick.

to steph: lol yes its free to full time post secondary guessing..thats what u are? but yeah its not on their site under their regular admission fee section. but dalton mcguinty did announce it at the rom. so it should be legit lol.

Johanne said...

Hello Hello
I like your blog(: Looking forward to keep posted here!

AsianCajuns said...

Welcome, fellow fashion blogger! Love the layering of your outfit!

megs said...

annie: i like the sweater a lot, but sadly, it's not as warm and cozy as it seems haha

johanne: thanks! i look forward to posting more :)

asiancajuns: thanks for the welcome! haha i actually just recently realized that it's layering weather, so i've been taking advantage of it.

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