Thursday, October 23, 2008

Take it in.

If I could lock the following artist in my basement to sing for me at all hours of the day, well I would have done so already... Since I fear the repercussion to kidnapping would surely lead to jail time. Well that's just not an option, I've watched enough shawshank redemption to know what happens in there, I'm not going down as anyone's bitch. So I'm just going to have to live with having his music on constant rotation and sharing the magic that is Justin Nozuka with you, here, and now.

Spontaneous combustion, that's the side effect from the overload of awesomeness that Justin Nozuka Doles out. If you dont feel the emotion pulsing in his songs and aren't moved by it, I'll say this in the sincerest way possible, YOU HAVE NO HEART.

After Tonight - Justin Nozuka
Blue Velvet Sea - Justin Nozuka
Golden Train - Justin Nozuka

Go ahead, roll yourself into the fetal position, and get lost in the music or his eyes... whatever butters your fancy.



penelope said...

He looks so so exotic and his hair! YUM! I can totally understand how you feel! LOL! Anyway! I saw your post on Posh's shoes! Gosh! I winced for her feet! It's torture with a capital T!

Couture Carrie said...

Will def. check him out- thanks!


Myriam said...

I LOVE Justin Nozuka. He's so good!

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