Saturday, September 20, 2008

Your how-to of the week, it’s ok to take notes.

photo by: Evelina Constantini.

How the world of Geek can be yours.


1 - A carnival performer often billed as a wild man whose act usually includes biting the head off a live chicken or snake

2 - A person often of an intellectual bent who is disliked

3 - An enthusiast or expert especially in a technological field or activity

This Saturday we’re going to focus on the 3rd definition of Geek and how you too can be one! I’ve compiled a brief algorithm to help you on your newly ordained quest to Geek-dom, ordained by moi of course.

Step (1) what are you going to expert in?

- Games: Endless possibilities here with so many game consoles on the market and so many games for each console to choose from. Then there are also the computer games you can buy. Some awesome games you can become pro at are Bejewelled, Marble Madness or bomber man. (Get some retro cool games at

- Music: Be it a genre or a group you can focus on the pop scene of 1974 or widen your expertise and totally impress your friends with you knowledge of Gothic techno. (check out some new music with the help of or

- Get in on some Science: Memorise your periodic table(TAKE IT IN..., or get all technologically savy with bits and bytes (get some techno wisdom at

ENDLESS possibilities and portals to geekdom!

Step (2) Keep updated to date on a side order of style.

Self explanatory, keep aSOS as your homepage, BREATH, SLEEP and EAT it.

Step (3) Take a listen to some geekTASTIC ear candy I’ve prepared:

Super massive black hole Muse: So imagine this, someone asks you “hey what are you listening to?” you adjust your glasses and say “Super massive black hole”. Feeling it? Yeah I thought so, you’ll have them asking “what the eff kind of songs do you listen too?”

They never got youSpoon: That is right, THEY NEVER GOT YOU! You, against the grain, geek you! Download and DANCE like a chicken with its head cut off. NOW GO!

Crazy Cool- Flamboyant Bella: “I ain’t got no rules because im crazy cool, and I dance like I dance cause I got the tools” Geeks are crazy cool, that’s all. The end.

With these simple steps you too can be a geek. Perhaps next week i'll focus on the first definition of geek, om nom nom.

The oh so bored,



P.s HOW RANDOM! ---->

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Annie said...

ahaha i enjoyed this post.
the boy on the right looks like a cutie.

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