Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"you`ve got it goin on"

i sit here, hiding away from the world & yes, that`s right, playing hooky (don`t follow my example), BUT...holding a cute little card with five tubes of perfume attached to it. on the bottom of the card are cute little caricatures in super-deformed anime-style. the tubes proudly display, in different colours: LOVE, LIL ANGEL, G, MUSIC, & BABY.

super cute.

they are my cute little samples, & i`m dying to try them all out, all at once, in a fragranced-psychedelical (yes, i made that term up) whirlwind of awesome.

but i won`t.

instead, i give you...THREE FACTS OF THE DAY.

i)jae learned html from working on an asian avenue page back in grade seven, eight & nine. by grade ten, "AA" was obsolete.

ii) capsaicin, the stuff that makes peppers spicy, is used as a natural lip plumper (careful not to use too much). try using regular ground pepper at first for a little pout. some people actually use a bottled form of dilute capsaicin & dab a little on their lips. mint also works too, but not as well.

iii) perfume should be dabbed onto the parts of your body where major arteries can be found, because those areas heat up the fastest & therefore your body`s natural oils will mix with the perfume easier & release the fragrance into the air. elbows, behind the knee & of course, the neck, are all places where one wouldn`t normally think to dab perfume...but try it out for yourself. other places include: behind the ears, in cleavage, the small of the back, the nape of the neck (underneath your ponytail), the ankles & the belly button.

& of course, why would i leave you without a song of the day to go with my three facts?

in honor of the fragrance samples...
GWEN STEFANI, 4 in the Morning
i love how glam gwen looks. she is amazing.

PS. a note about theme tuesday this week:
we didn`t dress up yesterday. tomorrow (thursday) is the one year death anniversary of somebody very close to me, & we decided that in her honor, we would wear yellow on that day (yellow is her colour). so...thursday, 25 september...wear YELLOW please. anything yellow.

kisses & hiding,

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