Thursday, September 18, 2008

"i never seem to get a lot"

i`m so sorry, i lied about the whole posting three new facts every day thing.
& the song of the day.

gosh i suck.

truth is, i think my immune system has been taking a beating, & i`ve spent my days at home, coughing my lungs out & buried under covers, only surfacing for a few minutes at a time.

that is definitely no excuse for not posting!

my glasses/frames collection has been a hit with the dance team - as evidenced by the photo below - & i`m proud to say that i will continue to amass them, regardless of the flak i`m receiving from some people (aka my best friend, who continues to bombard me with annoying insults that they are 'not cool' - psssh he would know).

(from left to right: me in my aviators, melissa in my grey frames, regine in my black frames, erika in her own aviators & ruffa in my rhinestone frames)

i) when baking with marijuana, do not put the whole load of marijuana in. it is much stronger baked than smoked.
ii) pink is a fatiguing colour. this is why sports teams will paint the visitor`s locker room pink. (i also think that it`s just because the colour is so energetic yet not energizing like yellow. or maybe i just like yellow.)
iii) mcdonald`s mc-chicken sauce is actually just mayonnaise.

cupid`s chokehold, by the gym class heroes

(i`m not sure if this is an official video, i don`t think it is. but whatever, listen to the song. it`s stuck in my head.)

okay so sorry for the lack of postage;
we`re working on it.
as an additional note about natasha`s post below...
it isn`t a true story, but steph has decided she will marry ryan gosling.

peace signs all over (too sick to give kisses or hugs);
- jae

v(^_^)v peace.


Annie said...

ooo the glasses look hot on u all!
hahah and please tell me that the first random fact is thru personal experience??

jae said...

annie - i love the glasses/frames :) & the first fact is kinda through personal experience, i guess. ahahhaah shhh :)

MR style said...

honestly, u cand your girl band rock

jae said...

mr. style - thanks!!! :D

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

came across your blog and am loving the content...keep it up. when you get a chance, check out mine and i'd love to get your feedback as a fashionista.


Kira Fashion said...

you look adorable!!

Awsome blog too!
Thanks a lot for passing at mine,
lets keep in touch!
a kiss for you
have a great weekend!


jae said...

guerre - sure thing, i`ll check it out right away! :) thanks for checking our blog out!

kira - thanks hun! you have a great weekend too!

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