Monday, August 25, 2008

"this blog is so boring. no one ever posts anymore..." -anonymous

I AGREE! this blog is so boring! no one ever posts anymore!
because we twitter incessantly (Jae, Moi) ... and I'm just boring..

i've decided today will be MSTRKRFT Mix Monday, with a touch of family force 5, just because. So get your dancing trousers on and get listening.

Listen up (MSTRKRFT remix) - The gossip
Dudun dun(MSTRKRFT remix) - Para one
Heartbeat (MSTRKRFT remix) - Annie
Tenderoni (MSTRKRFT remix)- Chromeo

guilty pleasure-> Family Force 5: Mindless repetitive awesomeness, that's what family force is. here's their vid for love addict, quite engrossing, the song that is. The video is just stupid...

El boring,

For some Un-bore-a-fying coolness hit up these links:


jellofer said...

Truthfully I haven't been much for posting in my blog either...The last bits of summer are just too alluring. I for one don't want to be on my computer when it's lovely outside!

Jae: Thanks! :)

Laura M. said...

Hey, congrats, you've got a great blog here.

I've been looking for an email address of yours on the blog, but couldn't find one. I would have a proposal for you concerning your fashion blog, so if you could send me a short email at contact at I will get back to you and let you know what it is all about.

jae said...

jellofer - summer is way too alluring, & eventful. at least with school, blogging gives you something to procrastinate on (homework)!

laura m. - we emailed the contact at the site you gave us, but it sent to somebody completely different. you can email me at

Laura M. said...

jae, got your email, my partner (Angela - her email is info @, mine is contact @ - I should have posted it that way) forwarded it to me and I'm replying as we speak :)

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