Sunday, August 24, 2008

death: "it`s actually a funny story."

went to a funeral yesterday. well, a viewing. the burial is taking place today. or took place already. not quite sure.
anyhow, this past while i`ve been supremely bummed out - unable to think of anything but that summer is coming to an end. can`t even blog anything. everytime i think i`m coming up with a good blog post, i scrap it. then i tell you all that i`m coming up with something new, ask for your input, & then scrap it again.
well...not scrap, per se. but that back-burner is sure looking pretty darn full.

the lady who died lived til the age of seventy-one, had six children & about ten grandchildren, & lived a pretty full life. i didn`t know her personally, but i do know her daughter, who is just a bit older than my older brother (he`s a quarter of a century already) & has the cutest baby.

her baby boy has no eyebrows. but i`m sure they`ll grow in someday.

so i didn`t cry - i could have, it was a rare day that i wasn`t wearing any contacts - but i did feel ultimately bad. i mean, i can imagine how horrible it would feel to lose my mother.

did i mention yesterday was my mother`s birthday too? HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM (she`s half a century now).

at the funeral, i did note that most of the girls there had luscious, pin-straight long hair. not necessarily black (their natural hair colour), but still - gorgeous.
made me miss my long hair.
why is it that i always want long hair when i cut it, & short hair when it`s long? i`m never satisfied.

school is coming back.
one more week of lazing around, doing absolutely nothing but strumming out random chords on the guitar & sleeping. i feel like i haven`t accomplished much.
on the other hand, my best ideas for the blog come during school.
so expect to see a return to posts.
ACTUAL posts.

lately, i`ve found myself obsessed with (sun)glasses.
i know that a lot of us who wear them absolutely hate them, but i find i look so much better in glasses than without. i bought some non-prescription glasses at ardene`s (i`ll be wearing them a lot at school for sure, so you`ll see them in some outfit pictures for sure later on), & i`ve got a pair of reading glasses with funky little rhinestones - i wanna get the lenses changed on those. plus, i`m beginning to amass a collection of sunglasses. i`m going to need to buy some more contacts, aren`t i?

also, my sephora catalogue came in the mail, chock full of makeup ideas & all that good stuff. it`s all 'fall' stuff, but i couldn`t resist sitting in front of my mirror playing around & shading my eyes in grey & blue & dousing my lips in wine-coloured lipstick.
i haven`t worn lipstick in a while.

this post is pretty darn random.

i want a new phone.
if anyone loves me out there, please buy me an unlocked motorola moto q9h.
pretty please, with sugar on top?

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