Monday, June 30, 2008

tag. we`re it again.

so i know, i know - we suck. three bloggers on one blog, & not a single entry.
steph has summer classes, & i`m...well...i`m stuck at home, made busy by personal drama.
it doesn`t sound like it should be taking time out of blogging, but it is.

unfortunately, my darling camera, petey, has gone missing, & despite my best attempts to discover his hiding spot...he continues to elude me. this means that there is [already noticeably] a lack in picture posts.
i assure you that when petey comes home, i`ll have pictures up on the blog.

the other reason i have not blogged anything is because...well...i don`t have much to blog about. no outfits, as i don`t go out too often [try 'at all']. no funny little stories. no tidbits of juicy hilariousity.
in truth, i`m a more boring person in the summertime than i am during the schoolyear.

in any case, i figured i could do something to at least let you all know we`re alive.

paris, of paris in luella land, tagged us in a music tag.
normally, this would be steph`s area of expertise, but seeing as how dearest steph is busy with school, i`ve decided to put my own seven songs here.

basically, the tag requires me to name seven songs i love right now, & will probably love forever. as anyone would know - this is a very hard thing to do. i`ll make a bold attempt, but be warned : seven songs may not be the case.

song one
"here by me", by 3 doors down
this song has been dubbed the 'our song' by myself & le boyf. its ability to always make me think of him surprises me. it doesn`t. the first time i heard this song, the chorus imprinted itself in my head. next thing you know, the boyf & i are singing it together, over & over. it`s always going to be a favourite.
[other songs that give me the same feeling as this one: "i don`t wanna miss a thing", by aerosmith ; "everything i do", by bryan adams]

song two
"simple, starving to be safe", by daphne loves derby
this is the first 'complicated' song i learned on the guitar. i love it. it`s so chill, & it makes me feel so happy hearing it. my best friend is the one who introduced me to it, & he taught me how to play it too. honestly, it`s amazing. & the singer has such a great voice. i could listen to it forever.

song three
"suspended", by matt nathanson
i love matt nathanson. he is funny, he sings, he plays guitar...he is awesome. this song is definitely one of my favourite matt nathanson songs, just`s awesome. this is the first matt nathanson song i learned on guitar, & i love it to death. it`s a sweet song. i could listen to it all the time.
[other matt nathanson goodness : "i saw" ; "wings"]

song four
"everlong", by the foo fighters
LISTEN (acoustic)
honestly, i love this song off. it`s`s one of those songs that i can listen to in a sad mood, or when i`m angry, or when i`m just feeling pretty darn good. versatile, that`s the word. dave grohl may not be a pretty face, but his voice is ah-mazing. i love every bit of this song.
[another song that is versatile : "wonderwall", by oasis - this song is classic. & it`s a real shame that some people haven`t heard of it (until jayz covered it)]

song five
"she will be loved", by maroon 5
it was all over radio stations. it blasted from the music channels of our televisions. a lot of us got sick of it. but then was quite impossible to get sick of it. who can? i love it.
[another 'over-played' song i love : "mr brightside", by the killers]

song six
"a million hearts", by the starting line
i love this song. i think it`s because it captures that hopeless kind of teenage love that a lot of people feel in highschool. my highschool years were full of this kind of thing. it`s bittersweet & heartbreaking, & i love love love it.
[other highschool-type love songs: "hackensack", by fountains of wayne ; "the reason why", by the click five]

song seven
"superman (it`s not easy)", by five for fighting
this song never fails to make me love it. i guess it`s just because it`s so...emotional. i love it to pieces. this is probably one of my oldest favourite songs, because i have loved it long-time. :)

other honorable mentions
"entwined", by jason reeves
"poetic tragedy", by the used
"this boy", by james morrison
"paris, tokyo", by lupe fiasco
"permanent", by jason reeves & colbie caillat

i`m not sure who hasn`t been tagged or not, so i`m going to do the horrible thing & leave this one open for everyone until further notice. i know it`s unorthodox, but i`ll tag other people in another post. for now, this post is three days late so i better hup-to & post it!

-jae, SOS

ps. i`m so sorry for the late posting!
pps. what would this post be without youtube? shout outs to youtube!!!


Fashion Ivy said...

Love maroon 5, wonderwall is such a great classic song

Paris said...

Wahey! Good choices!xx

a side order of style said...

fashion ivy - maroon 5 is pretty much awesome. & i agree - wonderwall is an amazing song! i was surprised when some of my friends hadn`t heard of`s so good!

paris - thanks! it was extremely hard to find only seven songs :)

-jae, SOS

jellofer said...

I kinda know what you're feeling. Summer time invokes a sort of laziness to it. My posts have slow downed as well as my new job takes up most of my day. By the time I get home I just want to relax and enjoy the summer evenings. :)

bestie said...

sorry bout your camera!

a side order of style said...

jellofer - when school starts up again...procrastination begins again, & thus blogging begins again. :) i hope your job is going well :)

bestie - thanks...i hope my camera is found soon!

-jae, SOS

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