Monday, July 7, 2008

mix monday: summer daze

I had promised more of my "art" so i'm just going to have some of it scattered throughout this and perhaps other posts... warning: I Haven't been in school for so long, my brain has pretty much melted into a coagulated mass of jelly so don't mind the grammar and babble.
So... I've been reminiscing about past summers via motion city soundtrack(MCS). I've been working so much that it hasn't really hit that it's summer. I really do wish I don't miss out on this one, but this feeling just can't be helped... GAH "the damage has taken its toll" -MCS (I swear I haven't quoted a song to relate a feeling since my emo phase in like grade 8...)
well I really do feel obligated to share some old Motion city soundtrack, that has me all nostolgic and reminicant of elementary school summers and crushes. Oh how those days seem so far, yet with MCS like yesterday. you know?
The worst part - Motion City Soundtrack
Feel like rain- Motion City Soundtrack
Everything is alright- Motion City Soundtrack
Attractive today- Motion City Soundtrack

and the great thing is they sound great live too! thought that should be added...

so to end the post, I must mention that all the pictures taken are from facehunter, and I just used photoshop to kind of vector it... AND next post I'll be gushing over Jay Brannan, I would do it now, but my inarticulate self would not do him any justice...

Hoping your feeling summer-E,


jellofer said...

Haha, love the Photoshop art, makes the photos look more fun! ^^

Paris said...

Love them!!


Oh i love these! How do you do it? It reminds me of one of my favorite 80's artist Patrick Nagel. ahhhh love him!


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