Monday, June 23, 2008

What's a girl to do?

Gah, so i'm in a bit of a pickle, I have a chem assignment due tomorrow that i've been given 2 months in advance to hand in, and i haven't started it... So guess what I do, get back to blogging, nothing like school work to get one back to posting. I found a lot of my former little photoshop pieces and so im just going to use them to dress up my lame posts.

by the way, I think i'm just going to have to proclaim my love for OneRepublic here and now. Saw them in concert a couple of weeks ago and they were amazing, wish i could say the same for the opening acts... so if you haven't been infected by their awesome melodies go check em out on myspace.

or listen to some of my favorite songs by them on boxnet.

kisses and conjugate bases,



OOooo i love those graphics.

happy mondayyy,

Paris said...

These are really good! You should show more of your work!!

I've tagged you! Visit me for info xx

Fashion Ivy said...

I love One Republic

roxanne said...

those pictures are awesome!

g. lock said...

neat artwork.

jellofer said...

That's some great looking artwork Steph! And yesss,I love OneRepublic too!!

Jae: Still can't get over how cute your new hair cut is!!

Susan said...

I do enjoy that one republic song woth Timbaland. Your graphics are really good. Ha I know what you mean, as soon as i have work to do, I run to fashion blogs!

KiKi said...

I love Onerepublic they are fantastic.

your blog is great are you up for a link exchange

LML said...

neat graphics! you are awesome at it!

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