Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"would you like a cuppa tea?"


i didn`t have anywhere to go, & thus, i weirded my brothers out today when i busted out my 'tea pah-tay-est' dress & my camera & began to take pictures.
i also couldn`t find my other white glove, which put a big damper on the outfit.
& my hair wouldn`t co-operate.
but i did get SOME good pics out of it.

re-introducing photos into SOS with these:
a million pictures of me :)
you can see how much this mirror needs cleaning. it`s a sliding mirror that opens to the closet, so no wonder it`s covered in fingerprints.

sitting pretty, taking mirror photos. i really need a tripod or something.

i love this skirt <3

the cardigan of love...& the waistband of the dress :)

more of the waistband [& perhaps too much cleavage?] i`d normally wear a tanktop under this dress outside of the house...

i was doing this swaying thing, trying to get an 'in-motion' picture. it didn`t work.

on the floor, it poofs up like belle`s dress in beauty & the beast!

a motion pic! i thought it looked cool.

my messy hair. & the smudgy closet/mirror/door.

sitting with my pot & cup!

my teddies & i <3


pouring tea for my teddies!

letting my teddy have a drink :)

this bag is my mom`s. it made me think of a tea party, when i saw it. it doesn`t match my dress, but still.

purple cardigan: pacific mall, 15$
patterned dress: urban behaviour, 10$ (on sale, from 45$)

i know this isn`t nearly enough pictures to make up for the lack of photos lately, but i hope it`s good enough.
did anyone else dress up for theme tuesday? & if so, would you like to send your pictures to me so that i can put them up here? :)

love & tea,
-jae, SOS


emma said...

aww i remember when i used to have tea parties with my stuffed animals, you look great darling

Fashion Ivy said...

oh i like ur dress. nice pattern.

a side order of style said...

emma - it`s fun to do it again when you`re older, b/c you can make actual tea :D or in my case, just make-belief tea. thanks :)

fashion ivy - thanks, i love the dress. it poofs so lovely :D

-jae, SOS

Annie said...

i agree ur dress is cute. i like the skirt as well. i wish i dressed up! gah. =(

Paris said...

Awe, brings back memories!! I try to relive old memories but my imagination isn't quite the same!

I love your dress xx

WendyB said...

Beautiful dress.

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