Thursday, May 29, 2008

gritty jobs just got sexy.

this just in: AGATHE of Style Bytes is okay. according to things i`ve read in other blogs, she`s been seen out & about & is not, as many in the fashion-blogosphere feared, tied up in a shady hostel & being forced to sell her wardrobe, item by item.
but her blog has been taken down.
whether for good or just because of inactivity, most people are very upset by this.
we hope you`ll return, agathe. we miss you & your wardrobe & your blog & your cute little piggy (a lot of molvin love over here).

in other news:
next tuesday`s theme is ZOMBIE FIGHTER.
think of channeling angelina jolie (mr&mrs smith style) [as much as i`m not a huge fan of hers] in skin-tight everything. or claire, of resident evil fame. leather, perhaps. all black, maybe. unless you`re keeping it on the down-low. clothes tattered but wearable. maybe a few battle scars? who knows? the life of a zombie fighter is never easy.

i was slightly confused at first, because i couldn`t think of anything. i figured you all might be wondering too, so i decided to find some ideas.

[claire, jill & angelina jolie photos, courtesy of google images & each respective blog linked]

claire. in pink, cut-off denim jumpsuit goodness. are you kidding me? that`s awesome. with the spandex shorts & tight black turtle neck...yummy. & the utility-knife. & who doesn`t want to run around in knee-high boots?

claire. so hot. so pink. so damn...zombie fighter. i wouldn`t mind looking like this cartoon version of her, which i found on google images. whoever drew this clearly had 'hawt' in mind.

my friend kyle mentioned that he was surprised i didn`t look up jill valentine (also from resident evil). he educated me on the difference between the old version of her [this one] & the new [the next picture]. i`m definitely heart-ing the hat in this. & there`s the plain t-shirt with the sexy tapering pants, with the boots. hawt damn.

here`s the 'new' jill valentine. please direct your attention past the AWESOME hair [i`m in love with it!] to the blue tube top [is that practical? who cares, it`s sexy!] & the short black bandage skirt. & (le gasp!) is that a sweater tied around her waist? who knew zombie killing could be so chic? [gun not included.]

so casual looking. i like the idea of those pants. they remind me of my highbschool uniform, & boy-o-boy, wouldn`t i like to give my uniform pants another wear? clock the boots too. nice.

childhood flames totally has it. this is what i envision as THE ZOMBIE FIGHTER OUTFIT. i know that wasn`t what she was going for, but i saw the pic & thought 'that`s totally it.' especially the jacket. i`m feeling that jacket.

corpse couture`s giselle had these on her blog, waxing poetic about them. i agree - they are beautiful. & totally what i envision a stylish zombie fighter wearing.

jaiden james had this picture on his blog a while ago, & these shades are totally what i imagine a zombie fighter wearing during the day. they wouldn`t go on my face type, but he rocks them.

pamela of r.o.f.y. posted this picture recently, & i loved the skirt even before steph told me next week`s theme. now i can totally see it as zombie fighter gear. sexy, thigh-high slit to complete it. yum.

nadine, of strawberry kitten was wearing this adorable scarf, & i loved it. i think i could totally make it work as zombie fighter wear. to ensure that zombie grime doesn`t muck up my hair. love.

the sartorialist snapped a picture of this lovely lady, & i couldn`t help but think 'cotdamn, those are HAWT pants.' could i zombie fighter them? i probably could.

mr. style, of where the lights end posted THIS post, which i love. the hair is totally to die for. & of course...fits in with the sexy zombie fighter theme. seriously.

boyfriend: this is SO not zombie-fighter.
jae: we`re re-interpreting it. duhhh.

hope that was enough ideas to help you out for next tuesday!
please please please, if you have outfit pics of the themes, send them over! XD

love love love,
-jae, SOS

[EDIT @ 7:57 PM, 05 OCTOBER 2008]
steph discovered hilariousity -
apparently, one of the pictures of angelina jolie i had here was changed to...well...see for yourself.
i moved it down here just because i got a good laugh out of it - seeing the picture, but the description of the angelina jolie picture it`s SUPPOSED to be below it...ahahahahahahahahah... -jae

angelina jolie, battle leaving her with nothing but a few scratches and flyaway hair. if only we could all have that ability.


MR style said...

no problem dude !!

Nadine said...

I think my look woulnd't be good for Zombie hunting - you would quickly loose the turban :).

Giselle said...

hey, no problem! Thanks for linking to me :-P

-Giselle <3<3<3

Pamela said...

ha it's me! i don't mind at all. very exciting stuff. Thankyou for linking to us!

a side order of style said...

mr. style - thanks :)

nadine - well we aren`t going to do any REAL zombie fighting...i`d totally wear the turban anyway, & if i lose it, i`d let loose the gorgeous hair :) hahaha it all works out

giselle - thanks hun :) & i had to link it, so people would know whose shoes they were & then they could admire you on your blog :)

pamela - thank you! i absolutely looove the skirt, so i had to link so everyone knew whose skirt it was :)

-jae, SOS

roxanne said...

i've been wondering about agathe, as well. thanks for the update!

your theme tuesdays are so great! i've been dying to play along with them, but my clothes have been sent home and i'm working at school all day, every day since last week! hopefully, when i get home next week, i can start to join in the fun.. can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

a side order of style said...

roxanne - well susie at 'stylebubble' had a few updates...& i believe there`s a blog called 'the coveted' that had a few things to add to the agathe-search.

ahhh when you get home next week, you can start to join in on the fun :) i can`t wait to see what you come up with! :)

-jae, SOS

jellofer said...

The job is going great! :) But I'm not working downtown on Bay, although you're right there are always very stylish "business ladies" walking around there!

I missed commenting on your last theme Tuesday post, so I'll write it here...I totally loved it!! Good job with breaking out the tea set too, very nice touch ;)

a side order of style said...

jellofer - good to hear hun :) i`m sure no matter where you`re working, you always look stylish!
& thanks...the tea set is my mom`s. the other cups are kind of broken ahahaha..

-jae, SOS

Paris said...

I love it!

a side order of style said...

paris - wait til i post the actual theme tuesday photos :)

Kira Fashion said...

its so fun!
Jolie is the best for that style!
love the sandals too!

a kiss!!

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