Monday, May 26, 2008

this is a mad take-over.

as steph & natasha are currently unable to work on the blog, i have to do a mad take-over & cover for them. yes, that means that i will be the one posting for a while, so get used to me!

steph usually does a post involving music on mondays, so i`ve decided that a muxtape will suffice, non?
this muxtape is full of what my friend ashley loves to call 'mopey whiney chick songs'. basically, the kind of stuff you`d listen to when you have a [boy]problem. or when you`re just in one of those moods.
i`m not too picky about mainstream versus indie when it comes to music - as long as the music is what i want to listen to, i don`t tend to care. i`m not sure about how "popular" the bands & songs that i used in this muxtape are, but i`m pretty sure i don`t mind either way.


i`ll be cleaning my room this week (finally) so hopefully i`ll be able to round up all the recent purchases i`ve made in order to make a proper post!
as well, tomorrow is theme tuesday, & i`ve been absolutely dying to dress up & take pictures! while i have absolutely no place to go tomorrow, i will definitely be themed out! seriously, it had been a LONG time since the last time i dressed up on a tuesday.

also, i`m hoping to hear back from the university soon about whether i got into the psychology program. otherwise, i have to begin paying my student loan beginning in november, & i don`t have the money for that. i`ve been waiting for an answer from the university for a long time, & i`m starting to lose hope so please cross your fingers for me!

lots of xoxos,
-jae, SOS


Annie said...

ill keep my fingers crossed for u!

Susan said...

Liking the new look and good luck with the university!

a side order of style said...

annie - thanks! mine are crossed so tight i`ve lost circulation & am bordering on the need for amputation.

susan - thank you :)

-jae, SOS

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