Wednesday, May 21, 2008

let`s start the fire, baby.

well, well, well...

let me guess...there are probably a few readers who are disappointed that, even with THREE BLOGGERS working on ONE BLOG, the number of posts is dwindling.

a Side Order of Style has gone through major overhaul. from the layout change to the drastic change in amount of posts to the lack of real content, there has been a lot.

before, it used to be MWF posts from steph & STT posts from jae, along with every-so-often-when-not-too-busy posts from natasha. now, it`s changed to several posts from any one of us that can manage it.

i, for one, can`t stand it.

i declare myself back from the little vacation i took from the blog. i cannot guarantee that my posts will be STT still, but i will ensure that the blog has at least two posts from me a week! i KNOW it`s wednesday today, but i had to get it out there so you all know that i am passionate about this blog staying alive!

as for theme tuesdays...i`ve decided that a week in advance [i should have told you all this yesterday, that means...], i`ll be posting up what our theme is, so if you guys want to join in & post it up on your blogs or send us pictures, you guys can do that! :)

so next theme tuesday, the theme is SUNDAY AFTERNOON TEA PARTY.
remember when you were little & you lined up all your cute little teddy bears & dressed up in your fanciest clothes & served warm water to them in toy teacups? well...this is a throwback to then. teddy bears are not necessarily needed for this either. take that sundress out of your closet, throw on the most ridiculous hat you own, pull on a pair of white kid gloves & show the world you still remember how to dress for a party with your cuddly friends.

see you at my next post :)



jellofer said...

Thanks for the well wishes Jae! Very sweet of you! :) I GOT THE JOB!! YAY! lol...

I am totally liking the next theme, it sounds so cute! ^^

Ragamala said...

I love the tea party idea!

roxanne said...

oh, that's cute. i can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

a side order of style said...

jellofer - congrats! :) & i hope the theme isn`t too cheesy :b

ragamala - i hope it isn`t too specific or hard to do!

roxanne - i hope you come up with something too! we can`t be the only ones ;]

-jae, SOS

Annie said...

oh man i totally saw a cute pair of white gloves in value village that i was tempted to buy the other day...

Fashion Addict said...

the tea party idea sounds fab. Can't wait to see more posts coming up!!! lol

BTW, I would you guys like to link up with my blog? Please stop by my blog and tell me what you think of it!

Kira Fashion said...

that´s so nice to hear about you dear!

a kiss,
see you!

Belle said...

No worries, we all forget sometimes. Its cool. I love your header.

a side order of style said...

annie - i`d love white gloves...but i probably wouldn`t be able to keep them clean!

fashion addict - linked & also, i`m excited for the tea party theme :)

kira - i try to share haha :)

belle - thank you for understanding :) & our header was done by a friend of steph`s.

-jae, SOS

Gloria said...

I do like tea parties.. can't wait!

Fashion Addict said...

thanks for adding my link!

a side order of style said...

gloria - neither can i!

fashion addict - no problem hun :)

-jae, SOS

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