Friday, April 11, 2008

University living: It is what it is

So this is the first in the series I am going to be covering, just typical university life (ironically since summer vacay is starting soon...). Just going to be pictures of whatever happens in my day and all that good stuff.

So yesterday I leave Dundas station, and what do i see? a free concert being held at Dundas square! I ended up only catching the last song of the show... but on the plus side I ended up snapping some pictures of the lead singer of Hedley... Yes i was close enough to touch him, didn't though because that would just be weird.

But i guess its kinda weird that I'm taking pictures of him anyhow. I mean honestly I've never really taken too much interest in the band. But yaay for them being Canadian...
So here are some of their songs (if your like me and aren't too familiar with Hedley):

She's so sorry
For the nights I can't remember

So three cheers for free random concerts!


roxanne said...

hip hip hurray! speaking of random concerts, we've got gavin degraw and the wu tang clan coming to perform at our spring concert. most random artist pairing ever? i think so, maybe. i'm on the concert commission and we've been told to keep the artists away from each other, hah.

jellofer said...

hmmm, it seems that we may be attending the same University! :o

but I missed the concert cuz I had class

jellofer said...

I had a hunch you guys were at the same school as me haha...Some photos you guys have make me go "that looks awfully like RCC and Kerr Hall"


:) I have to admit this is pretty cool though!

jellofer said...

btw, I linked you guys back ^^

zoeeeee said...

ah! cooool

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