Sunday, April 13, 2008

thrift finds, thrift finds, rah rah rah!

we love thrifting, here at SOS. we fall into that category of "would rather thrift than study". of course, how could we not? the automatic thrill of finding something that is perfect, just perfect in every way - colour, shape, size, price - is always the best buzz. better than drugs. better than alcohol. better than a big mac after working out.

i`ve decided that today would be a good day to post my thrift finds, b/c when else am i going to be able to do that?

so without further ado:

the thrifts.


costa blanca bubble skirt, value village, 5.99$ [originally 27.50$ @ costa blanca]

white belt, value village, 1.99$

dark green thin belt, value village, 1.99$

black belt w/ awesome buckle, value village, 2.99$

[close-up on that buckle]

leopard print gillian belt, value village, 2.99$

[close-up on the belt buckle. it`s supposed to be a fancy loopy G. i wear it upside down.]

& something awesome that steph found to go out on a night of clubbing...

i`m not sure of the details, but the top & the shoes are for definite sure from a thrift store. the shoes are apparently comfortable for dancing and walking in. a plus! there is no close up, but you can see the awesomeness from here.

i have a couple more things to take pictures of & post, but i`ll put them up with tomorrow`s post.

love, kisses & a value village green pass;
-jae, SOS

PS: just in case you didn`t already notice, to be able to distinguish easier between who is posting, i`m posting in BLACK font, & steph has taken a more BLUE approach to things. all the better for you to know who says what, right dear reader? :)


Pamela said...

Thrift finds are the best! I love the leapord print belt especially. The different coloured fonts are a very clever idea, we should probably try it.

jellofer said...

Those are some great finds! I love belts! lol You know, I have NEVER been thrifting before, I guess I've always been a bit apprehensive about it!

Vain and Vapid said...

Great finds, that skirt is really cute!

a side order of style said...

pamela - the leopard print belt is awesome! i`m so in love with it right now, & i`m trying to plan the perfect outfit to go with it! & also, the different coloured fonts is an awesome idea to use. i know i get confused on some people`s blogs when i don`t really remember who`s typing what, but the fonts can always help.

jellofer - thanks! i`m in love with belts :) i have so many! i used to HATE thrifting, but once you go, you find so many great things - some stuff [like the bubble skirt i found!] is actually BRAND NEW. people just throw their clothes away i guess. the VV i go to most is at woodbine; steph prefers the goodwill @ sherbourne.

vain&vapid - thanks:) the skirt was BRAND SPANKIN` NEW, tags on it & everything! that`s how i knew it was 27.50$ originally ;]

-jae, SOS

bronwyn said...

I agree, nothing better then thrifting!

a side order of style said...

bronwyn - there`s a lot of thrill in the thrift.

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