Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Here are some things you can check out while your in lecture hall, home, heck! just about anywhere to keep yourself amused.

you can play games like bomber man, super mario (1,2,3), kirby adventure and (guiltily) one of my personal favorites marble madness... (with no downloading required) yippeeeee!

This band is just too good to pass up. Triple dog dare you to check'em out.

pop some bubble wrap at the comfort of your own computer. not as satisfying as the real stuff, but it'll do

No, Is the answer to your question. (I can totally read minds) Yeah you were totally thinking "is there anything funnier then adding subtitles to random bollywood movie scenes?" and I restate No there is not. so click the link above to make your own bollywood hit!

not only are we are scientist a great band, they are great at answering questions like "how can you understand poetry?" or "how can i become as cool as I think i am" in a scientific way! (and by scientific i mean not scientific at all...)

Have any sites you want to share?

hugs and kisses,


Addison said...

ohmigod nintento online!! eeep!! im so saving that site for the next time i get the flu...which i will inevidable get knowing my luck

Vain and Vapid said...

Thanks for the links, the Bollywood one looks hilarious.

because im addicted said...

such an awesome picture/photoshop work!

Addison said...

hahah im the same! everyone seems to be younger than me and have accomplished sooooo much! makes me sorta jealous

A dreamer said...

those links are so funny. especially the bollywood one!

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