Friday, April 18, 2008

university life : examinations; to study or not to study?

we complain a lot, i know. but as university students, it`s our job to! who else in the whole world feels as entitled as us? (according to our psychology professor, university students suffer from entitlement.)

so it`s examination time, as we`ve mentioned before. for us, it`s the last set of finals for our first year. we envy those (like jellofer @ the miscellaneous place) who are done with university & exams.

we try our hardest to study for these exams, & we really do, but if you looked at us, you wouldn`t think we were studying.
after all, does THIS look like studying?

didn`t think so. but comparing steph [playing the DS] with our other friends sean, mark & john, steph seems to be more close to what regular students do. who really studies days before exams? not us!

mark, studying & listening to music. & slightly conscious of the fact i`m taking pictures of him.

sean, listening to music & studying as well.

john, studying while listening to music & simultaneously blocking the camera`s view.

see those? the headphones, the laptops, the water bottles & concentrated looks? those LOOK like we`re studying, but in reality...

this pile of junk was REALLY what we were paying attention to. chips, cupcakes, water bottles & all the snack-foods of a university student. yum yum yum.
aren`t they such GOOD students?

where as *i* was studying...

[the latest issue of teenvogue]
& doodling pictures of my dearest amigos studying...

fittingly enough, this was drawn on a pizza box.

i`m really bad at studying.

what i`m really good at is using my time to do more productive things, like take pictures of my outfit for the blog!
today it was a high of 20 degrees celsius [about 70 degrees farenheit], so i took the opportunity to showcase my newly converted skirt!
remember this theme tuesday where i was wearing a leopard print skirt as a dress, very a la susie bubble?
well i decided to pull the bottom of the skirt up in the four corners of the skirt [where the seams were] & stitch them up against the top of the skirt to make a bubble skirt. it actually turned out pretty good for something that i did while watching the last toronto raptors basketball game of the season.
my head got a bit cut off in these pictures [for some reason, all the clear pictures ended up slicing the top part of my head off], but you can still see what i`m wearing. excuse the random expressions and poses.

do i look fierce? no? darn.

pockets! yum!

i realized that this teddy bear was wearing the same colour scheme as me, & i couldn`t resist. unfortunately, all the pictures i took with teddy didn`t exactly turn out too good, so they`re pretty blurry. sorry :(

you can see my hair here! in its entirety! no scalping!

a close-up on my skirt, cardigan & t-shirt. it was a fluke b/c i was trying to set my camera time & it ended up taking this picture, but i thought it would help you to see the details a bit better.

blue heart-print t-shirt: designer depot, 4$ [on sale]
red long cardigan: pacific mall, 2 for 30$ deal
leopard-print skirt altered to bubble-style: value village, $4
black leggings: fairweather, 2 for 10$ deal
black leather belt: italy, ???$ [stole it from my little brother]
silver dog-tag necklace: keyman engraving, 50$ [that includes cost of engraving]
teddy bear : PRICELESS! [it`s my mom`s]

tomorrow is supposed to be a high of 22 degrees celsius [that`s about 72 degrees farenheit], so i`m excited to see what i can dig up out of my closet & wear!

now i`m off to not. i think the facts that the NBA playoffs & gossip girl`s return to television have taken over my brain.

love & procrastinationTEXTBOOKS!,
-jae, SOS


Annie said...

oh i like ur outfit!
omg my aa cardigan looks like that and im dying for a red one. but u bought that at pmall???
jealz i should make a long needed visit there.

Fashion Ivy said...

school can suck greatly

a side order of style said...

annie - thanks :) & yep, i got it at pmall :) most of the 'crossroads' type stores have them in the middle tables, with a 2 for 30$ sign attached & a bunch of little tank tops that are 12$ each. i haven`t gone in a while, but every time i`m there they usually have it so i`m confident the cardigans are still there. :)

fashion ivy - one word : AGREED. but it`s almost over!!!

-jae, SOS

Susan said...

I like the combination of colours and patterns. god I need a leopard print skirt.

aficionada said...

I truly love the combination of your red cardigan with a leopard print skirt!! Simply genius.

a side order of style said...

susan - thanks :) i didn`t think i`d ever wear leopard print, but the skirt proved me wrong.

aficionada - i thought everyone paired red with leopard print. :S i looked on polyvore for ideas of what to wear with it, & everyone had something red. that`s why i paired the blue shirt with it too! [my boyfriend said i looked like superman..]

-jae, SOS

Natty said...

What as great skirt. I love it!

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