Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So I wa
s sifting through some of my old CDs and found my grade ten project for English. Obviously I learned nothing in that class, proof in my horrible writing and worse grammar. But here I am sharing parts of it and the pictures I used in my presentation... with my wonderful commentary of course!

My project was on why uniforms suck, I recollect getting an 80% on it, and I seriously do not know how I managed that mark at all. Especially with my thesis being "Ultimately I feel uniforms have more of a negative effect then beneficial." Honestly I could have written "Uniforms suck because they do not rock." and probably gotten a 70%...

The picture bellow was taken to blow my fellow classmates away with the depth of the statements made on the signs and on the expressions on the models faces.
Seeing the picture now I feel completely silly, I mean really, "uniform = oppression"? with the stainless steel fridge in the back that is undoubtedly filled with food, camera to take pictures with, house to live in, free education BUT wait you have a uniform in place at school!?! Oh yeah, real hard times...

The key argument of the whole essay/project was based on this paragraph:
"Like art, clothing is a form of expression. School uniforms suppress ones personality, individuality and stifles their creativity. Especially for those that cannot articulate themselves very well clothing may be the best way they communicate their feelings and emotions. Uniforms close one of the few outlets of self identification."

I totally remember writing this and having emo kids in mind, dressing up as a sad emotional goth, expressing their inner sorrows in blacks and greys. Topping off the look with slit wrists and side swept bangs. & Honestly, how sad would it be if uniforms could stifle creativity? notice the trend of over exaggeration?

I took the picture above to show how great freedom from uniform oppression can be! Yet i now realize this would be a great example that even without uniforms in place you end up looking the same i.e they are both wearing pink shirts, skirts and pigtails... ha I laugh at how i got an 80% on this...

I was so hardcore in the fight against uniform when in reality my school was very lenient on the subject, having more of a style code of white collared shirts and grey/navy blue pants or skirts then strict uniform. I realized that the situation allowed for me to be more creative in showing my sense of style w/ the guidelines to work around. I was so full of shit in grade ten... I can't wait to look back upon this and think the same thing...

The grammatically incorrect ,

<- me pre-braces 2005. AGH!


On Track said...

Oh wow what a great idea for a project, and congrats for getting 80% you must be a very itelligent little lady :) I love your ideas, I went to a private school with a uniform and I felt like I had no sense of self expression at all

Natasha said...

haha, cute project. :)

In general, I agree that uniforms stifle creativity. Then again, though, I have read accounts of mixed-income schools in which disadvantaged students are ridiculed for having less expensive clothes, so I can see why schools choose to do it.

Anonymous said...

omg i totally remember that day. you know the dress megs is wearing? we made that out of paper towel for our design class. i was so proud of it!
but definitely mortified by our choice of outfits. we look ridiculous!

Annie said...

man are u kidding me, i miss the days of uniform when i never had to stress over what to wear.
i really liked my kilt tho it was pretty.

MR style said...

in france, everyone dream of uniforms to look like OC dudes !! so be happy :)

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