Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"i am a princess. all girls are."

the above quote is from the movie 'a little princess', & it holds true to today`s theme. having gone through a million [five] copies of the book 'a little princess', there is no doubt in my mind that being a princess definitely is not in the way one is dressed, but in how one acts.
however, today was theme tuesday. so forget about 'acting' a princess...today was all about DRESSING like a princess. or how we`d suppose a princess would dress.

although today`s weather wasn`t the best [big fat snowflakes began to fall at the same time as it started to rain, it got really windy & grey & cold...it wasn`t a nice day at all!], the SOS girls decided to fight on & come to school in princess gear.

what DOES a princess wear, exactly?

pink, one would venture to guess.
a dress, of course. frilly & sweet.
bows? why not?
diamonds & jewelry, in heaping amounts.
a tiara or a crown, perhaps.
whatever the disney princesses are wearing, really. i mean, we all know that princesses must be wearing ball gowns & gloves, right?


as usual, going against the grain, i went for a look i like to call:
"JUNGLE PRINCESS". after all, who wants to be a plain ol` princess in pink ?
steph`s white 'shirt' is really a dress, but it was too damn cold to wear. i braved it just so i could look like a princess. :)

please excuse the randomly ugtastical faces.

at the boyfriend`s house, looking like a fish princess more than a jungle princess.

at school, during a random photoshoot. this angle makes me look like a balloon.

pose! with our jackets on :)

my bag...

my shoes :)

the randomly cool, extremely loud hairclip i had in my hair.
purple t-shirt: forever21, 7$
leopard print skirt, worn as dress: value village, 4$
black tights: shoppers drug mart [can`t remember which brand]
black leggings, worn over tights: h&m, 10$ [i think]
sea-shell & doodad hairclip: given by my sister
purple pointy-toe flats: walmart, 14$
gold, silver, bronze braid belt: philippines, a long time ago

& a series of princess faces...

on a whim later on, i decided to try pulling my skirt up & under & securing it, to make a bubble skirt. i didn`t wear it like this outside, but i thought it was pretty cool. unfortunately, wearing it high-waisted like that makes my 'rack' look like it could shelve spices. sigh. i used a pic that didn`t show off my girls as much, to minimize the 'phwoar' effect. however the pic is blurry...sorry about that.

so there you have it. theme tuesday.

for kicks, here`s a pic of my recent purchase from urban outfitters. this kind of ugly, gross-tastically awesome guy`s shirt.

black/white t-shirt: urban outfitters [guys` section], 3$ [SALE!]
white cardigan: h&m, 30$ [a few years ago]
blue jeans: bluenotes, 30$ [not sure]
pink belt: liz claiborne, thrifted from value village, 2$

& now, a message from our sponsors...

JUST KIDDING! [this is sean & mark, acting like crazy people.]

giant smiles for you all,
-jae, SOS


Wendy said...

Cute blog! The high-waisted skirt you turned the original into is really cute.

a side order of style said...

wendy ; aw thanks - i was really inspired by looking at dreamacho`s blog...it`s super cool & she experiments a lot with her clothes. maybe i`ll wear it like that when the weather gets warmer. i`ll post up some pictures if i do! i`m glad you liked the blog :)
-jae, SOS

Jen said...

Love your poses So cute!

Natty said...

What a lovely princess you make!!

a side order of style said...

jen - thank you! i think i was born a poser...i`ll post more on that sometime soon. you`ll understand what i mean ;]

natty - i was going more for FIERCE, but even my boyfriend said i looked about as cute as a leopard kitty...wonder why. but thank you! it was fun being a princess :)

-jae, SOS

On Track said...

I LOVE all of the purple in your outfits, that is one of my all time favourite colours so I always like to see people wearing it well :D

Addison said...

awww love The Little Princess. "Didn't your father ever tell you that you were a princess?!" hehe

Love the jungle princess look. And I agree, ballgowns does not a princess make!

a side order of style said...

on track - purple is definitely one of the best colours ever. plus, it`s the colour of royalty. double score! i love wearing it so much b/c it`s my happy colour! :)

addison - the little princess is AWESOME. it`s my absolute favourite book, & the movie adaptation was pretty cute too. i agree that princesses don`t need the ball gown - after all, sarah crewe DEFINITELY did not have a ball gown, but she was completely a princess!

-jae, SOS

jellofer said...

I love the purple flats! I can't believe they're from Wal-Mart! ;)

a side order of style said...

jellofer - well walmart is just one of those places with undiscovered gems...they had them in aqua too, but i`m definitely more of a purple person!

-jae, SOS

kathrynsky said...

love your shirt!!

a side order of style said...

kathrynsky - thanks! it`s hard to believe it was 3$ only! that`s probably the only reason i bought it...but i love how thin and soft it is! boys have nice shirts...

-jae, SOS

because im addicted said...

ohh i love the floral!

aziza said...

I love your idea of a jungle princess. I've always wanted to dress thematically but I don't really have the clothes or accessories for it. Maybe one day. Or I can have on theme day once a month. I was thinking about doing a canary princess one day.

Anyway, cool blog.

Anonymous said...

I love love love the pink/lilac shoes and your cute posing!

a side order of style said...

because i`m addicted - florals = awesome :)

aziza - canary princess? that sounds awesome! i`d love to see photos of that! & i definitely think that theme days make dressing up so much more of a challenge - sometimes even we SOSers get stumped by our own themes. but it`s tres tres fun!

nadine - the shoes are so great, i always get random people commenting on them! thanks! & the posing...well...to paraphrase a will.i.am. song, i think we truly did get it from our mamas.

-jae, SOS

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