Tuesday, April 15, 2008

these little things that amuse me...

exams are draining university students of all life & humor. we are sleepless, caffeine-filled zombies, preying on those with life & sucking the life out of them. it`s a horrid existence, but somebody has GOT to do it, right?

unfortunately, i`m not one of those people. i refuse to let the stress of exams drag me down into a deep, dark, dank, stinky, big, ugly hole.
& luckily, i won`t be dragged into that hole.

i am a very simple creature. the little things amuse me to no end.
take, for instance, the time when i spotted the machines with the cool things in them, i could have spent ten bucks worth of quarters on those...but i didn`t have ten bucks worth of quarters (boooooo :b) so i couldn`t.
people genuinely find it hilarious how the little things make me so happy. i don`t see why - if people could just find a bit more joy in the small things, then maybe the world would be a better place.

saw these two guys holding hands, & because i love how super-stylish gay guys can be [& how darn HOT they are...it`s not fair that they`re gay, sometimes...], i thought, why not take a picture? unfortunately, the car was moving too much for me to get a picture from the front, but here`s a side/back-view of them. sigh... young love.

lotion hands in a happy face! i have this affinity for making sure my hands are soft, so of course, given an opportunity to make my hand-softening ritual more fun, i do! here is a happy lotion hand, just for you :)

the 100 bus came by, & then a 100D, but i swear for a second it looked like the 1000 bus [which does not exist]. it made me laugh for a whole five minutes!

i`m holding my head on my spoon!!! this photo was a huge laugh for me. i love how cheesy it is!

awesome cool POWER RANGERS CURRY! it`s like...some kind of curry packet with power rangers ruling the front of the packet in their awesome coolness. i couldn`t resist a picture.
[please correct me if i`m wrong about those being power rangers...i grew up with the first set of power rangers - the ORIGINAL ONES. these newfangled rangers confuse me.]

it`s a beef curry donut, which goes to prove my belief that the japanese got it right - when in canada [or north america], market it as something they will eat. market it as...a donut.

a genuine 'turtle bun'. it was a TURTLE!!! & okay...so it doesn`t contain turtle [that would have made me so sad], it was so cute i had to take a picture!

beef croquette buns. actually looked really good, especially sitting next to the ...

"fried noodle" bun. these buns are proof that the japanese will put just about anything in between slabs of bread & eat it. as long as it looks yummy, i would eat it too.

the sign made me completely lose it - "bread crumds". i was dying of laughter at that, because i am a big fan of sites like ENGRISH.COM & this reminded me of it. what a trip!

total proof that i am easily amused by the strangest things.

how about you? what are some things that make your day?

laughter, gummy bears & cookie crumds,
-jae, SOS


jellofer said...

fried noodle buns....?

lol I have NEVER seen that before. Carbs and carbs, exactly how does that work? haha

Kira Fashion said...

i am in love for the turtle! :)))

a kiss and a hug,


a side order of style said...

jellofer - i saw it in j-town; up by steeles & ... uh...well i forgot where it is, but they had the craziest things. too bad my camera was dying :(

kira fashion - the turtle was SO cute; i wonder if it tasted any good. i should get one next time i go.

-jae, SOS

Lyndsay said...

Kimberly, Jason, Tommy, Billy, Zac (???) and... Trini (?) forevaaaaaa

a side order of style said...

lyndsay - the ORIGINAL power rangers for LIFE! god i had the biggest crush on tommy...& i wished i was kimberly so much. biggest moments of my life were when they were HUGGING one episode! man, tv back then was so TAME.

-jae, SOS

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