Sunday, April 13, 2008

terrible. just terrible.

i`m so sorry there are no pictures in this entry, as i promised in yesterday`s entry.
i have a raging headache & am recovering from a cold, not to mention an unexpected drop in, so i`m kind of out of it.
i promise promise PROMISE that there will be a good post on tuesday.
as for now: i curl up in bed, under my blanket, nursing a cup of warm water [too lazy to get cold water] & try to feel better.

to ensure there is something of SUBSTANCE in today`s entry, i thought i`d put up a playlist of songs that are constantly stuck in my head. mind you, i listen to a lot of random stuff so it may seem like everything is an incoherent mishmash - it all is.

lupe fiasco - paris, tokyo & hip-hop saved my life
three doors down - here without you & kryptonite
the strokes - heart in a cage
stroke nine - do it again
lindsay lohan - over
secondhand serenade - fall for you
rhett miller - come around
plain white t`s - figure it out
norah jones - don`t know why
my chemical romance - you know what they do to guys like us in prison
maroon five - won`t go home without you & she will be loved
the juliana theory - emotion is dead & top of the world
foo fighters - everlong (the accoustic version) & learn to fly & the pretender

just a few for now...maybe put up more later, at another time when i`m not feeling well. until then, take a lot of vitamin c & don`t overstress about exams & assignments!

love love,
-jae, SOS


iƱaki said...

I think it's a good post all the same!


A dreamer said...

its okay, just rest. and get better/

a side order of style said...

inaki - :) thanks; i know it was inundated with photos like usual, but i tried my best. hate to disappoint, you know?

a dreamer - thanks for understanding :) i'm resting up!

-jae, SOS

jellofer said...

get well soon!

a side order of style said...

jellofer - thanks! i`m getting well...just in time for my sociology final on thursday. blegh.

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