Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"harajuku girls, you`ve got some wicked style..."

theme tuesday comes along again, & guess what today`s theme was?


so of course, just when we`re pulling out skirts & cute little tops, etc etc etc - it decides to rain. boo. hate when that happens. however, it did not dampen our feelings of harajuku - instead, i think we felt even more obligated to dress up & make the dreary day less dreary.

beware : this post may will contain many pictures.

today`s outfit was inspired by this photo [courtesy of japanforum.com]

aren`t they cute? i know when you hear harajuku, you think of dark skin, crazy make up, clashing colours and patterns and textures, short skirts, beachy hair in unnatural colours & all that good stuff. but these girls are a perfect example that harajuku style isn`t SO out there. it can be slightly tamer than dressing in victorian dresses with little umbrellas, or wearing bouffant hairstyles and princess gowns.

so i took it, mixed it with the 'hime-gyaru' [princess gal] hair [my sorry attempt anyway] & ended up with...

with it, i had my hot pink flats [even if it was raining outside]

my green zipper earrings

the bracelet my boyfriend`s younger sister made for me

& the cute little bag i`ve had since grade two :)

my hair was pretty curly this morning, when i first woke up, but as the day wore on [and the rain got into it], it sort of went to a dull poof. this is as good as it gets. the lolly-pop was a fluke; a friend of mine was walking into one of the university`s buildings, & he was handed a bag of candy by the stress management team. the lolly-pop went to me. it was good.

engrish-language, candy t-shirt: pacific mall, 8$
sweater: forever21, 9.99$ [sale, originally 25$]
skinny jeans: stitches, 25$
belt: came along with a tennis skirt i bought two years ago, 20$ for the skirt
shoes: payless shoe source, 13$ [sale, originally 30$]
bracelet: mark`s little sister :)
bag: gift, hand-made by my aunt in the philippines

anyhow, regardless of the weather, it was a pretty good theme tuesday [sorry i don`t have pictures of stephanie or natasha in their harajuku-clothes, but maybe they`ll take pictures of themselves & post them up in their next few entries] :)

stephanie & i went to dominion [it`s a grocery store, for those of you who don`t live where there are any dominions], & when we were exiting, something fruity and colourful caught my eye. yes, that`s how much i was into the harajuku thing...fruity...colourful...but ANYHOW, those cool machines with the toys and candy caught my eye. you know the ones - little children stand in front of them throwing tantrums for a quarter to get a piece of candy or a fake diamond necklace.
i fished a quarter out of my wallet & decided to try getting one of these cool gold keychains.

& i turned it...

& out popped...
a dog.

it was a little gold dog, & it was adorable. [i, however, look gross in this picture.] i put it on my sweater zip, & hopefully it`ll be there like a faithful old friend the next time i wear my sweater.

so the tune 'ba da ba ba ba...i`m loving it' always makes me think of those really happy mcdonalds commercials. i always sing along with that one part of the tune, because it`s a) catchy & b) the only part of the thing that i know.
although i promised them i wouldn`t put this up on facebook, i never said i wouldn`t put it on the blog, so here it is: my friends, at a mcdonalds in front of the big photo of the smiling people...

it`s blurry, but in order...it`s john, stephanie, mark & sean. they`re hilarious.

that gwen stefani song 'harajuku girls' is now stuck in my head, as it was my official theme song of the day. i can just hear it echoing in my brain. i hope that i can have it out by tomorrow, because this remix playing in my head is driving me bonkers. it`s the same line playing over & over, & don`t you hate when that happens?
what i don`t hate is when it`s a good song. or a love-y song.
lately, i`ve been addicted to a song by the used called smother me. i wouldn`t have expected a track of such sweet love from them, but it`s the last track on their album lies for the liars & it`s a really great song. i recommend an immediate listen.
& then you can go listen to gwen stefani all you want. because she`s super awesome.

it`s already 1:05am on wednesday, which means it technically isn`t my day to post, but as i was out all day, i`ve got to sleep. so maybe i`ll add more to this post [edit it tomorrow & add], but as it is, this is my entry for today!

-jae, SOS


Gloria said...

oh my goodness. I just got a pair of pink moccasin/flat things yesterday...are they from payless?

a side order of style said...

gloria - yep, they`re from payless ! i got them on sale for about 15$ [including tax], & they`re awesome. they kind of go slightly inward at the toe, but it`s alright b/c the colour cannot be overcome by that! :)

Susan said...

I think the harajuku girls style is amazing, I love how they just dress crazy and no one cares

a side order of style said...

susan - i definitely agree! for them, it`s a way of relaxing & just throwing on whatever makes them feel happy. which is definitely a good thing. i wish that i could be as free as them when it comes to dressing, so that`s what i`m aspiring to.

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