Monday, April 7, 2008

So the subject is getting tiring. so i'll keep it short...

So above is a picture of my hair today and the one to the left was taken yesterday at 6am before the show mentioned before here and here (had to make it to the MTCC by 8am w/out makeup hence the fierce facial expression). Once I got there I had an extreme amount of makeup caked on to look half decent on stage.

REALLY was jealous of the following people that got to go extreme with bold apparel and sensational hair.

So i'll end of the post and the endless prodding about the hair show with a pleasant little song by

Pizzicato Five:
Girl from Impanema

P.S here are the rest of the pictures I took that day


Fred The Mole said...

I like your hair cut. Groovy !!
Do you know Easy Fashion fashion in Paris ?
I would love to have your point of view.

Exchange links ?

Fred the Mole

Fred The Mole said...

Hi from Paris Steph !
Thankx for your comment on Easy fashion.
These is the lyrics of the song
if you want to check & translate
It's a song of Serge gainsbourg. Very Famous singer and poet in France.
the song begins: "Come with me little girl in my comic strip. Come with me to make some bubbles !"

Ah ah !

Fred the Mole

Fred The Mole said...

You are linked from now !


Fred The Mole said...

Could you just add "Paris" after Easy fashion.
Thanks a lot

Fred the Mole

fashionfake said...

You look gorgeous - it must have been really fun! I know a girl who is a hair model and she loves it!
Don't know if i could do it though - I hate other people doing my hair.

That dress in the last picture is devine.

Annie said...

oh cool pics!
and i really like ur new hair, its cute with the colours in it!

On Track said...

I would kill to be a hair model, especially after seeing your pictures, it looks like so much fun. :) Your hair is gorgeous im very jelous ;)

L. said...

The colours in your hair are fantastic! Your dress was awesome too!

Addison said...

eeep im such a fan of multi-coloured hair; i adore it!!!

Natty said...

Love love love your hair! Im a big fan of streaks!

Susan said...

Oh no. it's like that episode of SATC, though hopefully nowhere near as bad. Your hair looks amazing and all the other models, wow.

Ediot said...

im so envious of the dresses you wore!so pretty! your hair is really cool! bright and fun!

WendyB said...

You look cute!

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