Tuesday, April 8, 2008

it`s legend-- wait for it...hope you`re not lactose intolerant, b/c i`m gonna say... DAIRY.


i mean, that`s what we were today. it has been a long time since i posted on the blog, & i apologize, so without further ado: some very niiiice photos of us, being gypsies. i apologize if it is photo heavy, but you know how it is.

myself & natasha. i like to curtsy.


i was copying steph`s pose [b/c she is our very own hair model]

this is our "what pose should we do next?" pose

yes, you can tell our pose-creativity was lacking a bit...

if you`re wondering why i didn`t post last theme tuesday, it`s because i was sick & couldn`t dress up in a skirt in the cold weather, but it has gotten considerably warmer since! today was a high of sixteen degrees celsius, which is just in my ball park!

i know you can`t really tell what i`m wearing, & i stupidly neglected to take a solo photo of myself, but in case you were wondering...
black vest, stolen from my little brother
purple skirt, from my mommy :)
grey tanktop, bought for 1$ at a random sidewalk sale, downtown toronto
black flats, ardene accessories, 15$ [2 for 30$]

kissing my guns [you need a lot of extra arm fat to push up for this kind of stunt] :)

this was our theme tuesday.
next time i post, i`ll have pics of my latest thrifts!!!

on a more serious, sad kind of note:
the husband of one of my family friends passed away in a car accident on sunday. [you can read the little news blurb here : CITY NEWS]
it was very sudden, & very sad. according to one of my aunts, the car he was driving was a very old infinity that was practically falling apart. he left behind his three beautiful children [the oldest is nine years old, the youngest is less than half a year old], & his wife of nine years.
i don`t know what she is going through, but i can imagine it too vividly. i know that since that night, i`ve been very afraid to leave my friends & family without saying goodbye to them & making sure they know i love them. i just wanted to share this story with you to give you a reason to ensure that no matter what you`re doing for the day or where you`re going, let the ones you love know that you love them, because life is too short & things happen unexpectedly.

love & hugs,
-jae, SOS

***Steph's side note: check out Love Psychedelico they are honest to goodness scrumptious music.


Candice said...

looks like you had fun.

Ediot said...

like your styles.look to have a lot of fun.

Kira Fashion said...


Thanks a lot for passing at my blog. your blog is sooo cool!
do you with fashion?
it´s soo cool :)

i am adding you to my favourites of the blogspot, so, if you wanna, add me too :)

a kiss and a hug,
keep in touch,

pS- love your adds, i imagine how cold is it in your town...

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I love the pattern on the dresses how adorable.

I'm sorry about your friend's loss
RIP :/

Natty said...

Im so sorry to hear your news.

You all look great in your outfits - I love the flower pattern dress ands your friends scarf!

a side order of style said...

candice - we always have fun taking random pictures...in a RESTAURANT! :) it was great

ediot - thanks! we try to have a lot of fun all the time.

kira fashion - thanks for checking us out too, we`ll blog-roll you too! it`s pretty cold here in toronto, but the weather is getting warmer so it`s very nice out!

jen - the dress is amazing. my mom won`t let me keep it, but it`s still the prettiest thing ever. i imagine i can tailor it into something crazy that will just pass down the family line...or not, but whatever it`s still super lovely! & thanks for the condolences.

natty - thank you for the condolences...but it happens, you know? life is so short... thanks for the compliments on the dress, & i`ll be sure to let natasha know that EVERYONE loves her scarf [b/c i do too!]

-jae, SOS

jellofer said...

Theme Tuesday!! How cute, I love it! :)

Sorry to hear of the loss of your family friend as well.

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