Wednesday, April 30, 2008!

When people say that boredom creates no productivity. Thats a lie for my case, after a long and stressful day of studying for my exam. I was curious to know what certain terms meant, preferably vulgar terms. Urban dictionary fulfilled that, until I ran out of words.....and moved on to sillier things like name.......

Natasha ->
In Turkey, "Natasha" is a slang term meaning "prostitute". In particular, the word refers to Russian prostitutes.

- Usage in a sentence -> Let's get drunk and pick up some Natashas tonight.

Okay so there are more positive ones, but seriously who doesn’t like the dirty ones!
then obviously after u moved on to Steph’s name

Stephanie -> The sexiest girl in the world

- Usage in a sentence -> Pamela Anderson is a stephanie

Steph’s is not that dirty but definitely is quiet true (wink, nudge, wink, nudge, push off the ledge)
And finally I could not forget Jae....her one was pretty......pretty R rated!

Jae ->
A skank, whore, or considerably promiscuous person; in this case, preferably one of Korean heritage. May also be used to refer to someone that gets laid, but complains that they do not get laid as much as they should be. One who loves sex

-Usage in a sentence ->
Oh my gosh, he did WHAT with him?! What a Jae!

It was very amusing, I mean these are definitely not true, but it made my stress go away and i will go back to my lovely studying!!! Take a look and have fun with your names or any word that gets you curious ( ).

Peace and mucho love

an extra little bit from the "considerably promiscuous person", who is actually NOT korean, but filipino, & is not actually promiscuous...jae.

i know we all love gossip girl. i know i do, & the rest of us at SOS do, so i`m going to automatically assume we all do.
i wished to myself that there was a way i could download it to put it on my ipod [i know, downloading? so illegal & not cool!].
then, i found this. GOSSIP GIRL ONLINE. this link i provided you gives you a way to download it, & it looks actually pretty much legit, compared to those funky chinese sites where i would normally have gone in search of gossip girl goodness.

& also, i love the music on GG. a lot, in fact. i figured, we all love music, right? so why not check a look at THIS BEAUTIFUL SITE, where the soundtrack list is found. i`m in love with everything on it. & the plus to this is, while i`m listening to some of these songs, i narrate the scene from gossip girl in which the song played. in my head, of course. it`s a lot of fun.

hope that helps ease a bit of your gossip girl tension for the week! can`t wait until the next episode!!!

you know you love me, XOXO
-jae. [i`m not promiscuous.]


Fashion Ivy said...

What's interesting is that i have a friend named jae and that definition pretty much sums him up. I know that not a good thing. And thanks for the GG links.

peace and love
fashion ivy

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

haha..interesting.....for us in our slang NATASHA means JINX...

LML said...

thanks for checking out my blog - im loving yours!

Annie said...

lol those are pretty funny! too bad mine jus suck.
gah and i forgot u tagged me.
ill do that for my post tomorrow!

Kingshuk said...

thats a nice clollection...very interesting. Welcome u to my blogs as well.Let meknow how u like it.

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